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How to Make Moving Easier for Your Pets

Moving house counts among the most stressful activities out there, and you can bet that if it’s stressful for you, it is more stressful for your pet.

After all, you know what’s happening. Your pet doesn’t.

That being the case, it’s best to try to make moving as comfortable as possible for your pet.

Here are four tips you can try to do that.

How to Make Moving Easier for Your Pets

Stick to Your Normal Routine

Your dog or cat relies on you to set the tone for your home, including setting all the routines that run your house.

These routines make your pets feel more secure.

Moving disrupts the flow of these routines, and while a change in routine may appeal to you, the same can’t always be said for your pets.

Animals already have a sixth sense when things are changing, and you being up until zero-dark-thirty packing will confirm your pets’ suspicion that things are turning upside down.

Maintaining your sleep, food and work routines as much as possible will do much to calm your pets in the days before, during and after your move.

White dog laying on the grass chewing a bone

Introduce Them to the New Place

If you’re not moving cross country, then it may be a good idea to take your pets to the new place before you’re completely moved in, according to

Let them explore. Allow them to play in the yard if it’s safe and sniff around the basement.

This turns your move into an adventure and gets them used to being in the car, if they aren’t already.

Find a Place for Them on Moving Day

Your pets like calm. Moving day is going to be anything but calm.

To alleviate some of the anxiety your pets are going to feel on moving day, you may want to find another place for them to stay during this time.

Perhaps a friend can keep them or you can find pet boarding nearby.

On a related note, it’s a good idea to employ the same advice if you’re having the movers pack up your stuff.

This prevents your pets from becoming territorial or from getting underfoot while moving is happening.

Beautiful white dog standing in the grass

Alternatively, if your pet is only comfortable with immediate family members, consider delegating this responsibility to whoever they are most happy with.

Then, look into hiring a local moving company like Worth Moving so that you don’t have to worry about having fewer people available to move the heavy items.

Hiring professionals can also help the process to go by more quickly, minimizing the stress on your pet.

Consider Calming Medicine

Some pets are just more high-strung than others. If this description fits your pets, then you may want to talk to your vet about getting some meds to calm them.

Man and woman packing with white husky dog sitting in a moving box

Talk to the vet about when and how to administer this medicine to ensure that your pets get the proper dose to keep them calm and safe during this stressful time.

Infographic created by Moving Proz.

Final Thoughts

Your pets are a part of your family.

As such, you want to make them as happy and as comfortable as possible, including and especially during stressful times like moving.

This post offers you some practical advice on how to accomplish this.

If you put these tips into action, then you and your pets can enjoy a more comfortable and less stressful move in the process.

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