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How to Trick Your Pet into Healthy Habits: 4 Tips for New Owners

Your pet is a vital member of your family. They bring a lot of joy, sometimes frustration, but also unconditional love. Like any family member, you want to do everything that you can to make sure that they remain healthy. Unlike the human members of your family, however, you can’t easily communicate to them how important it is to do certain things in order to be healthy. To help you trick your pet into healthy habits, here are four tips.

How to Trick Your Pet into Healthy Habits 4 Tips for New Owners

Building an Obstacle Course

Perhaps you’ve seen on dog shows the unique and cool obstacle courses that some dogs have to race through.

Not only does this keep the dog healthy but it also challenges their mind while letting them let loose.

You can build your own smaller-scaled obstacles for your dog or pet to race through without the stress of perfect training or competition.

They’ll have a lot of fun running through them, and you’ll have a lot of fun watching them, too.

Keep Their Mind Sharp with Games

Most dogs and pets are actually quite intelligent.

When your pup’s mind isn’t stimulated, they sometimes act out—especially for particularly intelligent breeds.

To offer them the mental stimulation that they need, you can easily buy toys and other games that require them to think about how to solve it.

For example, there are many toys out there that involve a bit of solving in order to access a toy or treat. This is an excellent way to challenge your pet and reward them for their good work.

Get Creative with Medicine

If your pet is already quite healthy, then the most common type of veterinary medication they likely need to take would be any vet-approved preventative medication.

Much like many other health-promoting necessities, your dog might hate it. However, they need certain medications to remain healthy and strong.

You can encourage them to take their medication by placing it within a yummy treat they enjoy.

If hidden in cheese, a ball of peanut butter, or even rolled in some meat, your pet will likely eagerly eat up the medication without even realizing it.

However, some pets get wise to your tricks.

Keep this in mind when speaking to your vet.

Ask about various methods of delivery available for their prescription and choose the best for your dog’s preferences.

Include Them into Play

If you enjoy playing sports, then you should try to include your pet.

Whether it’s soccer, tennis, baseball, or even paddle boarding, you can include your pet into your practice.

They’ll get the exercise that they need right alongside you and have fun doing it. This will help them feel loved and take care of their social needs as well as their exercise needs.

Pets are important members of the family.

To make sure they stay as healthy as they can, these four tips should be utilized.

If you make healthy habits fun for your dog, they’ll be an active participant in their wellness without even knowing it.

Shelley P

Wednesday 10th of April 2019

Great tips! We like to hide healthy treats around the room and have the dogs search for them. It keeps them active while having fun.


Sunday 7th of April 2019

Such a good idea to keep your dogs healthy.

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