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How To Welcome Your New Adopted Dog To The Family This Festive Season

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Nonetheless, the holiday season is a very popular time for introducing a pet to the home. After all, the new adopted dog can unite the family and inject new love into the home for years to come.

While you’ll have years to enjoy the newest family addition, it’s important that you welcome the pooch to your home in style.

This is especially true if the adopted dog has endured a tough time with its previous owners.

Here’s how to overcome the challenges in style.

How To Welcome Your New Adopted Dog To The Family This Festive Season

#1. Make It Their Christmas Too

The introduction of a pet to the family is a gift for the entire household. However, it’s important to ensure that the pet is made to feel involved with the festivities too. The showing of love can instantly encourage a sense of excitement and belonging.

Santa can visit your pet with these tasty treats.

When the family takes advantage of this opportunity to spoil the dog from day one, there’s no doubt that the house will feel like home.

In truth, that’s all your new pet has wanted for the festive season and beyond.

Get this element right, and it will prove to be the perfect time for welcoming your new dog to the home.

How To Welcome Your New Adopted Dog To The Family This Festive Season

#2. Focus On Home Comforts

Your new family member deserves to feel comfortable from the moment they enter the home.

While your property is sure to be an upgrade on the shelter, you must not ignore the need to master this aspect ASAP.

Otherwise, your dog will struggle to settle and understand new boundaries.

The pet may have developed a habit of chewing to vent frustration and boredom.

Finding the best chew-proof dog bed should be one of the top items on your agenda.

Comfy blankets, dog toys, and a suitable temperature will help too.

If the pet shows signs of not liking the darkness, which is very possible depending on his or her history, keeping a hallway light on may be advised.

#3. Introduce To Other Pets

The human members of the family are likely to spoil the new pet and make your furry friend feel very welcome.

Unfortunately, it’s far more difficult to predict how other animals may react to the new household member.

As such, you will need to tackle this issue head on.

Your adopted pooch may be a little shy or even aggressive around other pets.

While the connection between cats and dogs is the one that most families fear, the link with other dogs can be tough too.

Rabbits, tortoises, and other pets must not be overlooked either.

Ultimately, when your pets can cohabit in a positive manner, your life as an owner becomes a lot simpler. Do not delay the process.

#4. Explore The Home

An adopted dog has probably lived in a very strange environment.

As such, getting used to the new home may take time.

The pet needs time to explore the home, but you must avoid forcing too much too soon.

Otherwise, the pooch may become overawed.

Living spaces and communal areas are the first areas to explore, and your dog will probably get quite excited.

If you plan to set boundaries such as the bedroom, don’t let the pet in.

This only sends a confusing message. The garden is another key area to explore. Even if it is winter.

Don’t worry if it takes your pet a little time to settle into the new surroundings.

Within a few days, confidence levels will begin to climb.

#5. Explore The Surroundings

As well as spending a lot of time around the home, your pet pooch needs to explore the local areas that will become their favorite walkies routes.

This could be the local park, by the canal, or along the beach.

Focus on the place you’ll enjoy too because you’ll need to do lots of walking.

When your dog is able to lay down his or her scent, it’ll go a long way to making the new home feel like theirs.

After all, daily adventures form an essential role in their lifestyle and will influence ongoing happiness levels.

It’ll still be important to combine the familiar settings with new territories to explore from time to time. Still, getting acclimatized to the local ones should be a priority.

How To Welcome Your New Adopted Dog To The Family This Festive Season

#6. Avoid Too Many People At Once

The festive period is a time to be spent with friends and family.

As such, you may invite a number of people to your home over the coming days.

Sadly, this could be very difficult for your adopted pet.

They are probably very used to people coming and going, associating it with the rescue center.

If possible, you should try to limit visitors to 2-3 people at a time.

This gives your pet a chance to meet and integrate with extended family members while avoiding negative aspects.

If you plan to have lots of people at once, keeping your new dog in its new room may be a better solution.

Your pooch will give clear indications when it is happy or unhappy.

Learn to accept them ASAP and you won’t go far wrong.

#7. Invest In Mentally Stimulating Toys

Ensuring that the dog is comfortable is one thing, but you also want to ease them into the new routine right away.

Otherwise, they’ll get used to one set of rules only to have new ones thrust upon them.

This cannot be good news for their bodies or mind. Routines around food are vital.

Mealtimes are the perfect opportunity to encourage mental stimulation.

These brilliant dog toys will do the job.

This type of training helps your dog acclimatize to a new life while also preparing for outside training.

Of course, not every family will choose that route for their adopted pooch.

Either way, this mental stimulation also makes up for the reduced number of walks experienced at this time.

How To Welcome Your New Adopted Dog To The Family This Festive Season

#8. Book A Trip To The Salon

Dog grooming is a step that brings benefits for you as a dog owner.

We all want a cute pooch rather than an ugly mutt.

Crucially, though, it can bring many benefits for your adopted dog too.

These range from added comfort to improved health.

The truth is that the dog shelter center probably tried to take care of your new pet. However, they are under a lot of stress and can only do so much.

Visiting your local salon will ensure that nails, coats, and teeth are looking their very best.

Adopt this winning routine on a frequent basis over the coming months, and you should find that the adopted dog responds in a positive manner.

#9. Focus On Nutrition

Like humans, dogs need good nutrition.

It can take several weeks and a lot of trial and error to find the perfect options.

Nonetheless, speaking to the adoption center should give you some useful pointers.

can also make the transition into your home a little easier.

As well as the right foods, these dog supplements can aid joints and other health issues.

A deeper understanding of your pet, as a breed and an individual, is vital.

When you fuel your doggy with the right foods, they will naturally become stronger and healthier.

Good nutrition is the foundation of a happy life for your newly adopted member of the family.

Do not forget it from the start.

#10. Be Consistent

Last but not least, you must learn to be consistent at all times.

Otherwise, your pet will soon feel confused and react in a negative way.

Conversely, when you build a consistently loving environment, your family will feel happier than ever.

Margaret (Marnie) Davis Ward

Thursday 17th of December 2020

We have been thinking about adopting an older dog and after reading this article, an older dog it is!

Shannon Holmes

Wednesday 5th of February 2020

Thanks for all of these great tips.

Debbie P

Tuesday 17th of December 2019

These are all very important to do for an adopted or new pet.

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