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How to Work From Home as a Dog Parent

The raging pandemic has turned our world upside down on all fronts and we had to learn to adapt. Working from home has become a new reality which has brought some new challenges before us. One of them is finding a way to work from home as a dog parent.

Your pooch may see your staying at home as a sign to play and cuddle, so dissuading them may be the key to having a productive workday.

So, you have your workspace set up with your desk and supplies. You have also made sure to have high speed internet like Xfinity internet in order to accomplish your tasks online.

Now, you are wondering how you will help your pooch adjust to the new routine.

Here are some ideas!

How to Work From Home as a Dog Parent

Take care of the dog’s needs before work

Regardless of when your work starts, taking care of your dog’s needs should come first. Plan enough time to take them for a walk, feed them, and play a game of fetch. These activities will keep your dog satiated and allow them to burn some energy.

Also, sometimes it may be tempting to start working before tending to your dog’s needs. Don’t forget that dogs rely on routine and getting them used to this will teach them to respect your schedule and don’t bother you while you work.

Keep your dog occupied during meetings

Your dog barking during the video meetings can be the reason for concern. Your colleagues may find that endearing but it can be problematic during more formal conversations or presentations. To prevent this from happening, try some training tricks that might help.

Stop responding to their attention-seeking looks, nudges, whines, or barks. It may take some determination, but don’t give in to their puppy eyes and stay firm in your decision.

Additionally, giving them a chew toy with a treat may deter them from seeking attention from you.

Above all, don’t yell at your dog or scold them for being noisy during meetings because they may not understand why you do it.

Two small dogs laying on a blanket

Create a separate space for your dog

If you have room, creating a separate home office is a good idea for you and your dog.

You can make a spot in front of the door so they can lie there and wait for you to finish work. Of course, it all depends on how your dog will react and whether they will take it hard.

It may also depend on how you will feel a sense of the benefits of working from home is spending more time with your pooch.

In case either of you takes this hard, allow them to stay in your office but establish some rules and make them feel comfortable. They will probably dose off while you work and be grateful that you let them in your workspace.

Meeting on laptop with small Chihuhua looking around the screen

Make sure they are comfortable beside you

If your dog should stay close to you, make a special spot for them. For example, get a large enough office chair mat so your furry friend can remain comfortably beside you while you work.

Dog beds tend to be expensive, but a cushion in the corner may be just as good.

Avoid bringing in their water bowl, unless you want to keep an eye on them or are okay with them being by your side at all times.

Having them there with you during demanding tasks or stressful meetings may be a good thing to keep your spirits up and stay calm.

Woman walking a small dog

Take regular breaks

You probably heard that taking regular breaks at work is good for your eyes, posture, and productivity.

While at the office you may have lacked the inspiration to pause with work, at home, you have the support from your dog to do it. In a way, they are the best co-worker you can have, feeding you with positive energy and reducing stress.

Use an app that will remind you to take breaks and play, cuddle, or take a stroll with your furry friend.

There are a lot of inside and outside activities you can do with your dog that can make both of you happy and energized.

Moreover, both of you be healthier by moving around and staying active during the day.

Woman working on laptop while holding a small dog

The verdict

It will take some time and patience to get used to working from home, but it can be much easier if you have a dog.

While it may take some effort to train them not to bother you, they will lighten up the mood and encourage you to take frequent breaks. After all, everything is better with a dog in your life.


Friday 1st of January 2021

These are great tips for the dog owners who are currently working at home.


Friday 1st of January 2021

I feel like my boy reminds me to take breaks, which otherwise wouldn't be taken. He's more persistent than my smart watch!

Debbie P

Tuesday 29th of December 2020

These are really great and very important tips. Thanks.

Monica McConnell

Saturday 19th of December 2020

I do work from home and homeschool and my cat and my dog both make it more difficult

Sarah L

Friday 18th of December 2020

Very good tips. No dog and no work from home for me.

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