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Is Homemade Dog Food Healthier For Your Dog?

As we see great debates about chemicals in the food we eat, you may also be asking Is Homemade Dog Food Healthier For Your Dog? The answer is pretty simple. Yes. When using quality organic ingredients you will usually find a fresh diet made by yourself for your pet is healthier for your dog.

Is Homemade Dog Food Healthier For Your Dog

Is Homemade Dog Food Healthier For Your Dog?

Lack of preservatives and chemicals. Mass producing dog food requires a lot of unhealthy preservatives to be included so the food does not spoil. Homemade food will not last as long, but when made in small batches, or even large batches and portioned for the freezer it is much safer and has far fewer non food elements. Organic produce, whole grain rice and grass fed or antibiotic free meats can be cooked and frozen into portion sized to pull out each day and feed your dog. Treats can be made in bulk batches an frozen as well to pull out and use as needed for rewarding your dog for good behavior.

Easier to eliminate allergy causing foods. Many dogs are found to have food allergies that make feeding traditional pet foods to them much more difficult. From gluten intolerance to peanut, dairy or corn allergies dogs can have reactions just like their owners could. By homemade food healthier for your dog you are able to control exactly what they are eating and will know if allergens are present. It is much easier to create an elimination diet for your dog when you make your own food for them.

Much more cost effective. If your pet needs a special diet high in vitamins or simple to avoid allergies, making your own food can be much more cost effective. Buying ground turkey, chicken, rice, peas, carrots and eggs to create your own simple dog food is much less expensive than the pricey brands found in pet stores. Homemade pet treats using things like almond flour, sweet potato and oats are inexpensive and cost effective homemade dog foods they will love.

Yes, homemade dog food is healthier for your dog on many levels. If you are able to take the time to prep food each week, or make in large batches you can freeze and pull out to use as needed this is a great way to give your dogs a healthier stomach, coat and skin. Check with your veterinarian prior to switching to a homemade dog food diet to make sure you are avoiding any allergies that could cause issues later on. Also, make sure to be careful about ingredients that are known to be problems for dogs in general.

Debbie P

Friday 13th of December 2019

Thanks for the article. I agree that it is absolutely healthier!

Dorothy Boucher

Friday 15th of November 2019

I would think so, because at least you know what your pet is eating without all the junk or what ever it is that they add in those can foods, yuk! @tisonlyme143

Anita C

Monday 13th of September 2021

My baby rottie suffers from allergies. Making his food has proven to be beneficial


Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

Our pup is on a special diet for Urinary issues, wish I could make my own food.


Wednesday 28th of September 2016

Working in the vet field, I have seen too many times when people feed their dogs home-made food that does NOT contain the right nutrients. It can cause MAJOR health problems long-term. If one is going to go this route, they need to talk to a veterinarian who specializes in nutrition to get a homemade recipe tailored to their pet. For the average person, who is not going to take time to find and pay a vet nutritionist, packaged food is a much better option for their dogs. The companies have made sure that the correct amount of nutrients are in it.

Karen Glatt

Wednesday 24th of August 2016

I would love to have homemade dog food, but it is expensive to make for me and I am not a good cook. I think the benefits are so good to have a homemade dog food for my dog.

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