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Leather Dog Collar and Leash from iQ Studio Oozes Beauty and Quality

Someone please tell me why my sister Maggie is always the lucky pup! I know she is a big beautiful German Shepherd girl and I’m a redneck tomboy, but still! I am green with jealousy cause she got a mighty fine lookin’ leather dog collar and leash the other day from iQ Studio! Did I mention it is handmade and real leather? Yessirrie! It has a purdy blue flower on it with a shiny brass buckle too! Maggie has been struttin’ ’round and showin’ it off – just tryin’ to make me jealous! I know I could rock one of them leather dog collars from iQ Studios just as good as her! WOOF!

German Shepherd dog wearing iQ Studio Serenity Dog Collar

As a matter of fact, all us other pups have been jawin’ ’bout it and we all are a wantin’ one! My Lady can be a pushover sometimes, so if we put on our best puppy dog eyes, I bet we can wiggle one out of her WOOF! For now, lemme me round up my Lady so she can tell ya ’bout em!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the iQ Studio Leather Dog Collar and Leash

When it comes to dog collars, I am VERY particular! When you have large breed dogs that love to wrestle, play and pull on each others collar, it requires dog collars that can stand up to the daily abuse. Leather is a coveted item for me! Where some of the nylon dog collars begin to fray and pull apart, leather holds up to the rough and rowdy daily play of my dogs.

iQ Studio Dog Collar and Leash

Beautiful ‘Serenity’ Dog Collar with Matching Leash from iQ Studio

With that said, what is better than a leather dog collar and leash? Well, a beautiful handmade leather dog collar with a strong brass buckle! iQ Studio had exactly what I was looking for! Before I tell you more about the dog collar and leash, let me take a moment to introduce you to them! I am in awe because it is a one woman company! I love the fact that she is totally dedicated to providing high quality leather dog collars for all sizes pups!

About iQ Studio

iQ Studio Leather dog collars are created thoughtfully one-by-one and crafted with passion in a small studio located in lovely Norman, Oklahoma. The collars are personally hand cut, hand dyed, burnished and hand stitched. Each collar is carefully made from thick, heavy duty leather and secured with top quality brass hardware. Each dog collar is beautifully designed to be practical, durable, and stylish. There’s a lot of care and attention going into making the collars and immense pride is taken in each and every one of the creations.

German Shepherd dog wearing iQ Studio Serenity Dog Collar

Maggie sporting her new ‘Serenity’ Leather Dog Collar from iQ Studio

When I saw the gorgeous leather dog collars with the flowers on them, Maggie sprang immediately to mind. We teasingly call her our ‘pretty girl’, even though I think all my pups are beautiful and handsome. I may be a little biased, but that alright, isn’t it?

iQ Studio Leather Dog Collar - Serenity - red with blue flower

iQ Studio ‘Serenity’ Dog Collar

iQ Studio Dog Collars

Pretty girls need pretty things right? So, Maggie was going to have the chance to try an iQ Studio Leather Dog Collar and leash. I wanted her to have one with the flower, so my choice for her was the “Serenity“. It was a beautiful deep red color with a pretty blue flower.

iQ Studio Leather Dog Collar - Serenity - red with blue flower

Flower Embellishment is Heavy Duty!

I did have a question for the maker of the collars about the flower embellishment. I was concerned that it would easily come off during their rough play. She responded quickly and confidently assuring me that they would hold up to rough play. I learned that she has multiple large dogs too. I am going to take short deter here, because I simply have to show you Angie’s adorable dogs! She has one that looks just like Maggie! How cool is that?! For all of you that can’t get enough cute dog pics, check out her adorable dogs here!)

Anyway, where was I? She wholeheartedly vouched for the durability of the collars and the embellishments! After seeing her dogs, and with her reassurance, my fears were calmed and I made my choice for Maggie.

iQ Studio Leather Dog Collar collage

I was very impressed with the workmanship! With it’s thick heavy duty leather and solid brass hardware in the buckle and the brads,  it is extremely durable. I can definitely see why she had no reservations in the recommendation!

iQ Studio Dog Collar features:

  • Made with thick durable real leather.
  • Adapts to your dog’s neck for maximum comfort.
  • Built with solid brass hardware to last a lifetime.
  • Show off your style with our great selection of colors and styles.
iQ Studio Leather Dog Leash

iQ Studio Matching Leash for the ‘Serenity’ Dog Collar

iQ Matching Dog Leash

Of course, every great dog collar needs a matching leash! For the iQ Studio ‘Serenity’ dog collar, we got a leash in the matching deep red color. It is a 4 ft leather leash with a heavy brass clip.

German Shepherd dog with iQ Studio leather dog leash

Nevermind the photobomb in the background! I guess Little Bit figured if she couldn’t have a new dog collar and leash, she would at least try and steal the show! Back to my story…

The 4 ft length of the dog leash is perfect for me! With my large dogs, the shorter length gives me more control on walks, trips to the vet, or whatever we are up to.

Where to Purchase iQ Studio Dog Collars and Leashes

I did have a bit of sticker shock, but after thinking about it and having the actual collar and leash in hand, it’s actually a fantastic deal! Not only is it heavy duty and handmade, it will last a lifetime! The leather will not tear and the brass will not rust! In addition, it is made with preconditioned leather that is comfortable for your dog. You know how a pair of leather shoes are so comfy? Yep! That’s what I’m talking about!

I’m not sure about you, but my pups go through nylon collars almost as fast as they go through food. So, a HEAVY DUTY LEATHER COLLAR that will LAST A LIFETIME will end up saving me money in the long run! Let me also say that I totally understand the confident response I received when questioning the dog collars. I can now personally vouch for them with undeniable confidence! We will just let Miss Molly think the puppy dog eyes did the trick of getting her one 🙂 So, let’s surprise her! Which color dog collar should I get to match Miss Molly’s and all her beautiful freckles?? Help me decide!!!

Keep in mind that these collars are not sold in stores! You will need to order online directly from iQ Studio.  Correct sizing is important when ordering a leather dog collar, but don’t worry – Angie’s website has all the information you need for measuring your dog’s neck.

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laurie murley

Sunday 7th of August 2016

this is such a great looking collar and I would love to have one for my dog

Rachel Beltz

Saturday 6th of August 2016

Miss Molly should have the Untamed Beauty! I love how beautiful yet durable these look!


Thursday 4th of August 2016

These are such pretty collars. I love the flower!

Mary W

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016

Leather leashes are wonderful to use. They feel so good in your hand and feel even better the more you use them. I prefer break away collars for daily use.


Monday 1st of August 2016

Maggie looks lovely with her red collar and it looks like it is definitely comfy for her.

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