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Dog Leashes: Different Types and Usage Scenarios

One of the must-have dogs or new puppy items is a leash. It is a tool that can help keep your canine safe, as well as help them behave in a manner that is desirable to you and others you will meet. The Ravenox Braided Leather Dog leash is a top-of-the-line style leash that will help you train your new or older pup.

The reason dogs need leashes are for their safety.

Dog Leashes: Different Types and Usage Scenarios

You could have the best-trained dog in the world, one that will never leave your side without permission, but a random unleashed dog, squirrel, or child holding a snack could pass you and your dog and they will be off in a flash.

Leashes are important to keep your dog by your side, the safest place.

Here are several types of leashes and their different usage scenarios.

Leather Leash

Ask any dog trainer and they will tell you that a leather leash is the best for you and your dog.

The reason is that a dog will “feel” what you are feeling.

This means if you are anxious, the dog will feel this and react accordingly. Your energy travels through the leash.

When you are calm and kind, this will travel through the leather best and help your dog stay calm.

This is the best type of leash for training puppies and all ages of dogs.

Small dog holding his leash in his mouth

Flat or Standard Leash

Like the leather leash, these come in a variety of materials and styles as well as lengths.

When beginning your training with your pup, it is best to begin with, less rather than more.

You can always switch to a longer style as the dog learns to stay where you want them.

Retractable Leash

These are popular around the world; however, they should be banned.

First, they are dangerous if you happen to grab the rope as it is retracting, you could also get your fingers tangled in the rope part and suffer a deep cut.

Another reason these are not good is the fact that they cannot control larger dogs.

You may be able to pull back a small dog, but the weight of large dogs is no match for the retractable leash.

The plastic case housing the retracting rope is also not good when you have a pulling dog at the other end.

Many people cannot hold the case and it pops out of their hand, allowing their dog to run away and possibly into danger.

Stretch or Bungee Leashes

These are also somewhat dangerous and not good for training purposes.

Like the retractable leash, these types cannot properly control your pup.

They allow your canine to go further than you intend, as well as allow them to bounce about without learning where the boundaries are.

Large dog walking on a leash

Gentle Leaders

This type of leash is used to help correct dogs that pull when on the leash.

There is a part that goes around their muzzle and then connects to their collar and leash.

This type will not work on all dogs, especially those that do not have the longer snout.

This type of leash is for training purposes only.

A leash will help you work with your dog, keeping them and yourself safe during walks and other types of outings.

Anne Perry

Tuesday 23rd of January 2024

We are planning a move across country. I need leashes and harnesses for 6 dogs. Thanks for the tips.


Saturday 28th of October 2023

I never knew all the specific varieties!


Thursday 21st of September 2023

I've had a variety of leashes/harnesses over time

Debbie P

Saturday 25th of February 2023

Thank you for this important article.

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