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Lost Dogs: Don’t keep what ain’t yers…

You know, even though there is a passel of us dogs ‘round here, my Lady still worries bout all the other critters out there that ain’t as fortunate as us guys are. She said that some lost dogs get founded by other folks who just keep ‘em!

Now this really made my ole ears perk up and that ain’t no easy job. Just keep ‘em? Well that ain’t right. Us guys round here have our own toys and food dishes and even we know what’s what and wouldn’t take another feller’s stuff.

lost-dog, sad-dog

If’n I got lost and somebody tried to keep me away from my Lady and the rest of the pack I would be very scared and unhappy, even if these new folks tried to love me. Oh, I’d be glad they took me in to help me out, but I would sure ‘speck em to figure out where I live and git me back home as quick as they could. These guys need me ‘round here!

Heck some of us panic when my Lady leaves the room when we are snoozing. When ya wake up and don’t see the one ya love and who takes such good care of ya, it will scare the daylights out of ya. We all take off runnin’ to find her and are greatly relieved when she is just in another room.

See, us dogs, we form this here bond with the human that has us. We know they are who we look up to for our food and our good belly rubs…that there is called love. When that person ain’t there, we get really skeert. Don’t matter if some other human tries to do the same. We just want to go home to the place that looks and smells familiar to us and to the person we know takes care of us. That there is called homesick.

If I ever get lost (I am skeered just thinkin’ bout it) y’all got to promise me that you will git me back to my Lady as quick as you can. Even though I ain’t human, she is my mommy just as much as a human kid has a mommy and I know you all wouldn’t keep a human kid that you found wanderin’ around lost, so why would ya just keep somebody’s furry kid?

It’s a big scary world out there. I’d hate to think I had to wander round on my own and hunt food. Yeah, I’d probably come up to yer house and hope you’d feed me cause I am hungry, but then I would also be askin’ ya to find my Mommy, even if ya didn’t understand dog talk. But if you just look in my eyes you will see how sad I am.

Please, don’t keep me from the people I love and the rest of my pack. I wanna go home…

Note: Pet owners are grateful when someone finds their lost dog and takes him in to keep him from being harmed. Please do everything you can to find the owner such as running ads, contacting shelters, hanging flyers and posting on Facebook. Dog owners will search for their lost pet for years and endure a lot of heartache, not knowing what happened to their pet.

Sonja Samples

Tuesday 14th of October 2014

I love my dogs & it would be so sad if they ran away and someone decided to keep them instead of finding the rightful owner.

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