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Merrick Texas Toothpicks: Now That’s a Toothpick!

So, my Lady told us we had some Merrick Texas Toothpicks comin’ from our friends for us to try out. I was thinkin’, well, yea there are times we could could use a toothpick – I think? I see the humanz usin’ toothpicks when they get somethin’ stuck up in their teeth, but bein’ a dog, I’ve never tried one. But, hey, me and my pack were game to give em a try. Before we go any further, lemme tell ya somethin’! Them folks ain’t jokin’ ’bout things bein’ bigger in Texas! Lordy Mercy!


Take a gander at the size of these Merrick Texas Toothpicks! Now, lemme tell ya somethin’ else. I may be a redneck girl, but I gots nice teeth thanks to my Lady. She takes right nice care of em with her dental care routine. And, my brother Ozzy is a great big fella, but I promise ya his chompers ain’t that big and we ain’t missin’ no teeth either! That big ole log ain’t fittin’ ‘tween our teeth?! Did they make a mistake? I think these were meant for a very large pal (as in Jolly Green Giant) with Bubba teeth? WOOF!

My Lady finally let me off the hook and s’plained that we didn’t use em like a real toothpick. They were for us to chew! She says they are good for our teeth and gums. My face must a showed the relief comin’ over me! Since I obviously don’t know much ’bout these Texas Toothpicks, I’m gonna let my Lady tell ya ’bout em whilst I go let my eyeballs settle back to normal size and get this lump outta of my throat!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Merrick Texas Toothpicks

Molly and her wide eyed look was priceless! So, what are these Merrick Texas Toothpicks? Merrick Texas Toothpics are puffy-textured rawhide dog treats. They are not only crunchy, but also chewy, making them a satisfying treat for your 4 legged friend. The chewy and crunchy textures brings them the best of both worlds! They are made with only one ingredient, which is pure beef tail!


The Merrick Texas Toothpicks held all the pups attention! Each one had their eye on them and as you can see in the first picture, Ozzy even snitched one! Each dog had a chance to try them out and much to Molly’s surprise, she decided she loved the big toothpicks! They crunched right in and the chewiness made them last a bit, which helps to stimulate their gums. It was a nice treat that all the dogs loved.

Benefits in a Nutshell:

•Contains a minimum of 50% crude protein
•No artificial colors means less mess when he slobbers
•Satisfying, crunchy and chewy treat
•Good dog treat for healthy gums and teeth

Miss Molly and the pack give the Merrick Texas Toothpicks a definite paws up! I love that the Merrick Texas Toothpicks contain no artificial preservatives, colors, or ingredients and of course they are made in the USA. I also love the fact that it helps promote healthy gums and teeth! So, definite thumbs up from me too!

Where to purchase

If your 4-legged friend would love to try these Merrick Texas Toothpicks Dog Treats, you can find them at!

Connect with

For more information about Merrick Texas Toothpicks and other treats visit Fan them on Facebook and follow on Twitter! You don’t want to miss out on all their yummy pet treats, dog food and more from

I was provided with the product above from No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions stated here are 100% my own.

LeAnn Harbert

Friday 26th of July 2019

I'm always looking for new products to help my girls with their breath and teeth. These sound great.

Cathy Jarolin

Monday 5th of June 2017

Yes I have to agree Molly Them are awfully Big Tooth Picks Lol! Like your Lady said they are good for your teeth and Gums. I bet you get to chew on one of your Merrick Texas Tooth Picks for a long time.. My Fur Babies are small a Yorkie and a Pug. I think these are too big for them, unless they have a smaller size too! :O)~~~

Debbie Welchert

Friday 25th of November 2016

These sound like something our dogs would really like chewing on. I love that there are no artificial colors or ingredients and are made in the USA.


Wednesday 27th of July 2016

My dog would love this! And I'd love them to help keep his teeth healthy!


Wednesday 25th of May 2016

I like how they call them Texas Toothpicks. I guess everything's bigger in Texas. Haha :)

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