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Mobile Dog Grooming In Miami

The world has certainly changed since I was a child, besides all the evolutions and revolutions of technology or the medical industry to name but a few the act of self-care has sky-rocketed.

Men and women are having more procedures done than ever before, looking to healthier, alternative ways to fitness and nutrition, but the accessory which was once considered to only be a pet is now turning into a fashion statement in itself.

Dogs and dog grooming.

Taking care of our bodies, hoping to age well and gracefully as we enter into our second and third life trimesters is a natural occurrence, and we have changed the way we take care of our pups too.

For some people, it makes no sense to send them for treatments or well-being, but others see it as a necessity and a normal part of life.

Mobile Dog Grooming In Miami

Grooming explained.

Too often people get mistaken by the word grooming thinking it is merely taking the dog for a daily walk up the mountains to maintain fitness and a level of activity, a wash and scrub when they’ve been playing in the mud, and a quick brush out afterward.

But it has become so much more than that.

Grooming refers to not only the cleanliness and hygiene of a pet, but more so the appearance and quality of life they become accustomed to.

The frequency is also determined by the breed and size of the dog, and more intricately if it is a show dog that gets extra special attention from its owners.

The art of cleaning and grooming your pet is vital to their health and plays many factors you may not have thought about or even considered before, let’s take a quick look at what some of those are.

Poodle getting their nails done

  • Problems. Health issues are always popping up, with a regular appointment at the vets and groomers you will see a significant decrease in ailments such as thrush, scratches, and skin issues, in general.
  • Ticks. If your dog is a natural scratcher and likes to roll around tickling his back it could be tricky trying to determine if he is enjoying it, he has an itch or something worse like ticks. Inspecting the skin and coat as you wash them will help you stay on top of it, and the groomers will most likely mention it at your appointment. Thankfully, they have the perfect treatments and solutions to tackle the issue quickly and efficiently.

The only problem we have heard come up in conversations time and time again is that there seems to be no time to do these things, you have to schedule it months in advance, juggle your already busy schedule and wait there while the treatments are being done.

If you are struggling to juggle all the plates in the air and somehow take your pet to the groomers then mobile groomers Miami may be just the answer you have been waiting for.

Having a company come to you, not the other way around, take your pup from you and do what needs to be done without causing chaos in the downstairs bathroom is like music to your ears.

You know that they are in safe and capable hands and you can get on with the dinner preparations or housework till they are done, win-win.

  • Infections. Ear infections tend to be a common occurrence and can cause severe pain to your pet if not caught and treated early. They will be highly uncomfortable and will be shaking their heads and scratching more than usual.
  • Nails. Like us, these need to be trimmed, and correctly, otherwise, it could lead to bone deformation in more severe cases where the dog is compensating posture for comfort.
  • Coats and fur. Lastly, you will notice immediately the glowing, sparkly sheen to your pup’s hair as they step out of the parlor. Fresh smelling, soft, and squeaky clean, your dog will love you for it and you can feel good giving your dog the quality of life he deserves.

Boston Terrier with a red bow tie

Choosing the right groomers.

There are too many options out there when it comes to firms, businesses, and brands trying to offer the best services and deals, but what makes one better than the other?

We can go with popularity, the first name that came up in the search engine results, or take our time and do our research.

If you have recommendations from friends and family this is always a big plus, otherwise, opt for what feels comfortable.

Location is key as you don’t want to be traveling long journeys with your pup in the car who may or may not take the car ride well.

Be sure to check the web pages of the company options you have found and see if they are trained and qualified to carry out the job, have they been in the industry for a respectable number of years, and are customers satisfied with the work and service.

To feel more comfortable whilst making a decision, click here and read a few basics on how to make the right choice.

Like my granny always liked to quote, what does your gut say? And she wasn’t wrong, more often than not we know what we want, we just need a nudge to get the ball rolling.

If you have found one that sparks your interest and ticks all the boxes then make an appointment to meet with them or have a consultation, it won’t hurt to ask, and if it confirms your initial instincts that they would work then it’s a win-win.

You want your groomer to listen to your needs, take your dog’s health and safety into consideration and ideally make them a priority and is professional from the get-go.

Your dog should be calm after the appointment and not quivering or stressed, and if they go above and beyond what you expected then they will most likely have you as a client for life, right?

After all, if it isn’t broken there’s no need to fix it.

Ashley Parks

Friday 20th of August 2021

Ours are living their best farm life, so we groom them ourselves. They have a bad habit of finding the first mud spot they can find as soon as we give them a bath.

Sarah L

Friday 20th of August 2021

What will they think of next? Could be helpful for people with more money than time.

Debbie P

Wednesday 18th of August 2021

Thanks for the article.

Rochelle Haynes

Wednesday 18th of August 2021

This is so cute looking good

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