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October PetBox was Loaded with Treats, Toys, Joint Health Formula & More!

It’s gettin’ a might nippy here these days and it’s been doin’ lots of rainin’ and even some of that white stuff that comes down. We’ve been mostly stayin’ up in the house with my Lady. Besides eatin’ and sleepin’, there’s just not a lot ya can do inside. Now I know what them kiddos feel like when they’re stuck in the house. We perked right on up when we saw our PetBox come through the door though! All the yippin’ and yappin’, y’all probably heard us wherever you are!


My Lady opened it up and she is always about wantin’ to take pictures of it. She said we had to wait just a minute while she took some pics to show everybody! My eyes must a been big as saucers! Our PetBox looked LOADED with good stuff!!! Pwease?


My nose got to smellin’ somethin’ good and I had to get a closer look. Oh! What’s this?! It’s a toy – yippie!!! Whoops, I almost got caught tryin’ to snatch it! I just couldn’t help myself – I was excited! Now that I’m droolin’ and itchin’ to play, let’s hurry and get this show on the road!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about our October PetBox

The furbabies are always so excited to see the blue PetBox come in the door! They can hardly contain their excitement. I have to admit, I get excited myself! Their PetBox’s are always loaded with fun things from treats, toys to pet supplies. We love opening it to see what’s inside. It like getting a big mystery box each month!

Let’s take  look at all the goodies for the month! We certainly found some new favorites!


The pups really loved the Old Mother Hubbard Soft Bakes Dog Snacks! They smelled delicious, like fresh baked oatmeal cookies. The pups were licking their lips and sitting on ready! When taste testing time came, they scarfed them down and was asking for more! Soft Bakes are an all-natural treat and of course, they are made in the USA.


Included in the box was a bottle of CMR Joint Health Formula for dogs and cats. With all of my shepherds and their notorious hip problems, this will come in handy. It is recommended for joint health and function. However, it is recommended on the bottle for them to be examined by a vet before starting. Also, I couldn’t find any information about them and that kind of left me hanging. I want to be double sure of what I give my dogs. So, until I find information and/or get clearance from a vet, I am holding these back.


We also received a box of Treat Simple Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats. Peanut Butter is a favorite here among the dogs and it’s a great source of protein! They also love bananas which has vitamins B and C. Mix the two together and you’re sure to have a tasty treat!

These Treat Simple dog treats have 5 simple ingredients: oat flour, peanut butter, banana, honey and canola oil. They have no added salt, sugar or presevatives and are corn, soy, wheat and GMO Free. And, of course, they are baked in the USA! My pups loved the cute bone shaped tasty treats. They are a perfect size to use for training too!

Natural -Balance-Original-Ultra

There was a trial size bag of Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dog Food in our PetBox. It is a complete dog food that nourishes your dog’s complete well-being. I like that it is gluten free and has a balance of nutrients. It also promotes healthy digestion and has antioxidant nutrients to maintain a healthy immune system. To see if all the pups liked it, I gave each a handful in my hand. No one turned it down. As a matter of fact, they all asked for more. So, it must be as tasty as it is healthy!


We also received the tuna flavored Smart n’ Tasty All-Natural Dog Seafood Treats! These delicious healthy treats promotes clean teeth and are perfect for dogs with sensitive gums or teeth. They have various varieties including grain free, gluten free, dairy free and soy free. The Smart n’ Tasty treats are also made in the USA.

While 5 of the pups loved the tuna treats, apparently I have 2 that are not fond of tuna. That’s ok, I’m don’t eat seafood or fish either. However, the other 5 wolfed them down and declared them delicious!


Finally, the star of the show (or PetBox for the month)! Nestled in among all the treats and nutritional items, was this adorable Hatchables toy! I had never heard of them before. But, wow! All the dogs zeroed in on it immediately! Actually, I wasn’t thinking about them playing fetch with the egg, so I ‘hatched’ it on out to find this cute turtle.


Sallie loves toys, especially squeaky toys! She came a running, but stood and asked patiently before grabbing it. Once I gave the approval, all bets were off. If you can tell by the movement of the the Hatchables, she is shaking it like crazy. She played quite a while and had a big time playing with it until I called time so another could have a turn.


Seager came running in and you guessed it! He wasted no time in asking, he just snatched! It was at this point I realized the tag was still on. To late, Seager had already grabbed the Hatchables from the PetBox and I barely caught him in the picture. He went running towards the living room and it was mad chaos as they all joined in the play.

After a bit of time, it was time for me to claim it back so they could do their taste testing duties. While they all loved the toy, the word treats caught their attention. Still, I need to remember to add Hatchables to their Christmas list! They have an assortment of different ones and they are all adorable. They can play fetch with the egg or let them hatch for a stuffed animal toy. Each dog will definitely have one under the tree this year!

I, and the dogs, believe October’s PetBox has been the most fun so far. While each month is packed full of items, this month it was all about the dogs. I enjoyed watching them with all their new treats and toys! They played and they taste tested a sample of all the treats. Finally, being all tuckered out, they enjoyed an afternoon nap.

I love spoiling my furbabies each month with a PetBox subscription. After all, I would be buying treats and toys anyway, but this way, we learn of new fun toys and all the latest tasty treats. It’s a chance to try new things and the box is always over the value we pay for our subscription! There’s no doubt they enjoy it! Be sure and check out our other PetBox Reviews for fun pictures and info on new items!


How does PetBox Subscription Service work?

1) Tell them about your pet: Answer a few questions about your dog or cat and they will create a personalized list of products.

2) Pick your plan: Members get $50 of value in each PetBox for as low as $29/month. And shipping is always free within the United States.

3) Pack your PetBox: Each month, choose the items you want in your PetBox, or ask us for a surprise selection of our favorites.

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