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Paw-sible Perfection: 3 Strategies For Prepping A Puppy Road Trip

All dogs would prefer to go with their masters everywhere. Traveling with your puppy will give him an opportunity to adapt to a variety of conditions. If you plan to travel with your new puppy, you will have to make certain preparations to accommodate the age and inexperience of your pet. Like children, puppies tire more easily, require frequent bathroom stops and need a bit of time at the end of the day to play and unwind. If you provide the basic comforts for your puppy, you will find that he enjoys life on the road, as much as you do.

Pawsible Perfection 3 Strategies For Prepping A Puppy Road Trip

Paw-sible Perfection: 3 Strategies For Prepping A Puppy Road Trip

A Solid Container For Travel

For any long-distance trip, purchase a hard-sided crate to house your puppy safely. A crate will ensure that your puppy is not tossed around by turns or other road hazards and will not be injured by sudden stops. The crate should be securely fastened to the back seat to prevent it from sliding around. Prepare your puppy for a driving trip by doing short rides around town in the car before the day of your departure. Put a towel or blanket in the bottom to make your puppy comfortable. You can place a chew toy into the crate with the animal to keep him or her amused during the trip.

Puppy Travel Essentials

You will need a number of items to keep your dog comfortable, such as a sturdy collar and leash, water and bowls, his normal food, some of his usual treats, a few toys, medications and plenty of waste bags. Check to see if your dog’s ID tag has current information, in case he becomes lost. It’s also a good idea to bring some cleaner and a roll of paper towels, just in case. Make sure that you’re going to have enough room for your dog to comfortably travel in your car with all of his essentials as well as your own. You may need to upgrade to a vehicle better equipped for your needs, like those at Young Automotive Group.

Making the Trip Easier for All

If you leave home before the first light, your puppy is likely to spend the early hours napping, as if he were at home. As the day progresses, remember to stop frequently to allow him to go to the bathroom, walk around and have a small bite to eat. Always keep your puppy on leash to ensure he does not become lost in a strange place. Never leave your puppy in the car, even for a short period of time. You may be delayed, leaving the animal in a hazardous situation. Even when outside temperatures are in the 60s or 70s, the vehicle interior can become dangerously hot. Arrange your driving schedule to be able to stop at your lodging early in the day, to allow the dog to become accustomed to the new surroundings, eat, play with a toy and get ready for sleeping.  Researching veterinary hospitals along your route on the Internet will allow you to have help available if you should need it.

A road trip with your puppy is a good way to bond with him and avoid the worry of putting your pet in the kennel. Your puppy will enjoy being with you and enjoying new experiences. A bit of planning can make the experience a comfortable one for all involved. If you follow these tips, you and your puppy will a safe and happy adventure on the road.

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