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PL360 Pet Grooming Wipes and Itch Relief Shampoo are Must Have’s for all Pet Owners #Review

The weather here has been so dog gone hot that we haven’t had much playtime outside. To be quite honest with ya, we would rather lay up in the house under that cool air! But, my Lady does insist we go at least once a day to run off steam. Well, with all the hot sun and weather, part of our yard looks like powdered dirt. I’m alway a gettin’ yelled at cause I like to roll around in it and scratch my back in it. I get up lookin’ like a ghost with all the dust on me! Then, I shake and it looks like a sandstorm! That’s fun stuff right there WOOF! My Lady don’t like it though cause she says the dust gets all in the house. Then, if it ever does rain – you guessed it! It is one big mud hole out there. She’s a might happier these days though since she went and found out about these pawsome PL360 Pet Grooming Wipes and Itch Relief Shampoo!

PL360 Pet Grooming Wipes and Itch Relief Shampoo are Must Have's for all Pet Owners #Review

With the pet groomin’ wipes, it’s like gettin’ a bath and I don’t have to get in the tub WOOF! But, then again she got some PL360 Itch Relief Shampoo too and doggone it, I still had to get a bath. At least it stopped my itchy back WOOF! Let me go round up my Lady to tell ya about our new groomin’ stuff!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the PL360 Pet Grooming Wipes and Itch Relief Shampoo:

It’s one of those things if you have pets. If there is dirt somewhere, they are going to find it! Not only that, sometimes it can’t be helped and it is just picked up on their feet. Molly is right about all the dirt and dust in our neck of the woods. It is like a powder keg in places. It is so dry and the dirt is fine and powdery. When they roll around in it, or just get it on their feet, they bring it into the house. Oh, and you can bet that they are going to wait until they get in the house to shake! The dust flys and settles on all the furniture in here. Not fun at all!

After a rain, it gets even worse! That powdery dirt becomes the largest muddiest mess you have ever seen. My dogs can’t just go out and do their duties when it rains. Nope! They insist on hitting all the mud and water they can find. All you can do is shake your head and clean them up. With 7 dogs, thats 28 PAWS and I don’t think I have to tell what a pain that is! At the same time, bathing 7 dogs during a rainy spell is just not doable especially during the rainy season.

PL360 Pet Grooming Wipes

Well folks, I have discovered PL360 pet Grooming Wipes! These are THE most MUST-HAVE item for any pet owner!!! Think of them like baby wipes, only for your pet! The PL360 Pet Grooming Wipes are made with plant-based ingredients to clean and nourish naturally. They’re are gentle enough to use every day for quick cleanups, but also durable enough to tackle muddy paws and claws!

PL360 Pet Grooming Wipes and Itch Relief Shampoo are Must Have's for all Pet Owners #Review

I recently took Maggie on an outing and I included the PL360 Pet Wipes in our doggie backpack, right along with the toys, treats, collapsible water bowl, etc. Before getting back into the car, it was so easy and convenient to use the pet grooming wipes to wipe her down to remove any dust and dirt, plus the accompanying doggie smell that comes from running and playing. Then, I cleaned her paws to keep it from getting tracked into the car. Easey-peasy! The pet grooming a wipes are a must-have for the travel bag!

At home I keep them by the back door and it is very convenient to grab them and wipe each dog down before coming into the house. This has helped tremendously on the dust, and mud, problem! Oh, and did I mention it has helped with my allergies? When they bring all that dust into the house, it really sets my nose off! I have found that by wiping them down each time and with the pet grooming wipes, it has helped in that department too. Not only does it remove excess dust, but also any pollens they may bring in on their fur.

Let’s talk about that doggie perfume they like so much. If you have a dog, then you know exactly what I am talking about! If there is something foul smelling in the yard, they are going to find it and nothing do them but roll on it and rub it in really good. They wear it with pride and a smile! Meanwhile, you can’t stand to be near them. Yep, it can be bad! Sometimes, it may require a full bath, but let me tell you – these pet grooming wipes have became my go-to! I have the Mandarin scent and they smell delicious! They can clean and freshen a multitude of smells –  from wet dog smell to their favorite rolled-on-dead-frog perfume!

PL360 Pet Grooming Wipes and Itch Relief Shampoo are Must Have's for all Pet Owners #Review

PL360 Itch Relief Shampoo

When it does come time for a complete bath, PL360 has you covered there too!. When I received the pet grooming wipes, my dogs were itching to high Heaven for some reason. No fleas, no tics, no nothing. I am assuming it was the high heat and humidity, but they were driving me crazy with all the scratching and digging.

I got the PL360 Itch Relief Shampoo to bath them in. I love that it has no parabens, phthalates, toxins, lanolin, soap or alcohol and is safe to use with flea and tick treatments. The ingredients sound super soothing for itchy skin! When I saw it contained coconut-based cleansers, collodial oatmeal and aloe, I knew the itch relief shampoo was going to be amazing and it did not dissapoint! It smells AMAZING and after bathing them in the shampoo, their crazy itching calmed right on down. Humans and all the 4-legged babies got a peaceful nights sleep! I will say it was an amazing transformation! I still do not know why they were itching, but thank you PL360 for the Itch Relief Shampoo!

Needless to say, I think you know my opinion of these products already. But, if you don’t – I LOVE them and will not be without either of them again! Like I said earlier, the PL360 Pet Grooming Wipes have became a necessity just like baby wipes with a baby and the PL360 Itch Relief Shampoo is the same. If you have ever had an itchy pup, then you know the feeling. The PL360 Itch Relief Shampoo is great for dogs with skin conditions like my Sallie! It soothes the itchy discomfort of her skin allergies! Visit PL360 to check out all their amazing products!



Debbie P

Friday 19th of November 2021

I need to get some of these.

Stacey A Smith

Thursday 12th of October 2017

need it for my cat's one of them has such long hair that shit sticks to it. it's a mess.


Monday 21st of November 2016

Are this cat use approved .


Monday 21st of November 2016

Yes, they can be used for cats too. They are all natural, so no harmful chemicals :)


Wednesday 7th of September 2016

This be good for dogs it's nice to groom your dog

June S.

Monday 29th of August 2016

(PL360 Pet Grooming Wipes and Itch Relief Shampoo are Must Have’s for all Pet Owners #Review) These would be a great product for my son and daughter-in-laws new puppy dog Mia to use in those between bath times.

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