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Purina Days at Tractor Supply #PurinaDays

Tractor Supply is one of my Lady’s favorite places to go shoppin’. She goes there every week to get our supplies. She sure does stay gone a long time when she goes there though! We don’t mind so bad ’cause we know she will bring home some goodies and toys! She says they have all sorts a things to look at in there! Now she’s been a goin’ on about a special Purina Days event happenin’ there!


I’m gonna let her do the tellin’ cause she knows more about it than me. Meanwhile, I’m gonna mosey on in here and take a nap on the end of my Lady’s bed. I’m gonna daydream about the yummy goodies she will come home with for us. It’s gonna be one SWEET daydream WOOF! Purina-Days-at-Tractor-Supply-#PurinaDays

Here’s my Lady talkin’ bout the Purina Days happenin’ at Tractor Supply!

Miss Molly is right in saying it takes me a LONG time when I go to Tractor Supply! There’s just so much to see! Tractor Supply makes its home in rural communities, like mine, all across America. As someone that lives in a rural area, I was very excited when Tractor Supply came to our neck of the woods! I was also excited to receive a chance to tell y’all about two of my favorite subjects – Tractor Supply and the exciting Purina Days event! In the very small rural farming area we live in, everyone farms, gardens and has a variety of pets and livestock animals.

Tractor Supply has everything you need for ANIMALS including FEED, grooming, health, toys, crates, kennels, beds & more! In addition, they have items for gardening, yard maintenance, tools, clothing, footwear, etc.! In each Tractor Supply store, you’ll find a staff of experts, better known as your friends and neighbors. They’re proud of where they live and even more proud to bring you the products, services and seasoned advice you need. The staff in our local store have always been super friendly, greeting you with a big smile and willing to go the extra mile to help you out. It truly is a friendly and neighborly place that makes you feel welcome and right at home! The personable atmosphere, along with the amazing variety of needed items, is why I love it so much!

Tractor Supply wants to let their neighbors know that they have products for all of the animals in your life. From DOGS and CATS to HORSES, COWS, GOATS, PIGS, and more. Tractor Supply is your one shop stop to help you care for your animals! Tractor-Supply-Purina-Days-banner

So, What is the Purina Days Event at Tractor Supply?

Purina Days at Tractor Supply are May 28th through June 1st. Tractor Supply, Purina Animal nutrition, and Nestle Purina are celebrating their heritage of bringing customers the finest animal nutrition available. Whether you own horses, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, swine – or just dogs & cats – you will find what you need in their stores. Purina Days will be FIVE DAYS OF SAVINGS, and a special one-day main event in stores Saturday May 31st that will include FREE activities, product demonstrations, and giveaways at each store – don’t miss it! For even more information visit HERE.

In addition to the sales and activities, and as part of the Purina Days celebration, our local store will be holding an adoption event Saturday, May 31st to help homeless animals from the local shelter! This is a subject very dear to my heart and I definitely don’t want to miss it! You can check with your local store and see what they are planning for this special event.

If you’re not sure where you’re nearest Tractor Supply is located, you can use the locator tool here. All the events are FREE and will include giveaways, activities, and great deals! Purina-Days-at-Tractor-Supply-#PurinaDaysPurina Days is in full swing at my local Tractor Supply store. They have all the pet foods I need, including the Purina Dog Chow brand and the exact kinds that I use. While their prices have always been very reasonable, during Purina Days it’s on sale! WOOT!


Sallie is my senior girl and with age, just like us humans, a few health issues are arising. While she has always had skin issues and severe allergies, she started having a lot of stomach upsets. It was recommended to switch her food to something a little more gentle on her stomach. So, I feed her a different food because of this. I also just told her I would bring her a special treat from Tractor Supply and the Purina Days part event! After all, I want to keep that twinkle in her eye and that smile on her face!

Purina-Days-at-Tractor-Supply-#PurinaDaysThese days I feed Sallie Purina ProPlan for Sensitive Skin and Stomach and she is doing much better. I was very excited the day I found a huge supply at Tractor Supply! Before our local Tractor Supply store came, it was hard for me to find this particular food in our rural area. Often times, I had to drive for over an hour to get it. No more! It’s right here in my local home town!Purina-Days-at-Tractor-Supply-#PurinaDaysAlong with my pets, I seem to have a constant flow of rescues I take care of. So, whenever I need bowls, collars, leashes, bedding, etc. Tractor Supply always has a large variety to choose from. They have bowls of every size, color and kind – large, medium, small and even self-feeders! They also have an array of other pet supplies!Purina-Days-at-Tractor-Supply-#PurinaDays Tractor Supply also has a large assortment of crates and kennels. Again, with the amount of dogs at my house and my love of helping stray animals, I’m always needing crates and carriers for various things.

They also have fencing of all types. I was surprised to find they even carry the underground electronic fencing, collars and supplies that I use to keep my pets in the yard and safe! Before Tractor Supply came to my area, I had to order supplies. My pups have a habit of losing their electronic collars, or even worse chewing them up in their rough wrestling matches. Now, I don’t panic as bad because I know everything I need is just minutes down the road!Purina-Days-at-Tractor-Supply-#PurinaDays While my pets are all inside dogs, Tractor Supply also has an assortment of dog houses to fit your needs. We actually have a couple of dog houses out in the yard for the strays to use to get out of the weather when they wander through. They also come in handy in the winter time for the stray cats to use for warmth. And I wonder why my house attracts so many strays…hum! Surely it’s not something I’m doing?Purina-Days-at-Tractor-Supply-#PurinaDays Not only do they have you covered on dog and cat supplies, they are the go-to place for other livestock and farm animals! While we don’t have any livestock, we do have friends and neighbors that do – even though I still have my heart set on adding some chickens and I would love a goat! Yes, a goat would be an awesome addition!

Tractor Supply has all kinds of livestock feed and supplies. They have horse, cattle, sheep, goat, chickens, and swine feed and treats. If you’re looking for harnesses, ropes, leads, brushes, etc. you will find those also. They even have bird food. Whew! That’s a lot of animal products under one roof!

Don’t forget! In addition to dog, cat and farm animal FEED, grooming, health, toys, crates, kennels, beds – they also have items for gardening, yard maintenance, lawn products and art, tools, clothing (adult and children), footwear, and a whole lot more! It truly is a one shop stop!

Purina Days is a perfect time to visit your local Tractor Supply! They will have sales, deals, activities and giveaways! You can check out what they have and their amazing prices. I promise you will fall in love with them as much as I have!

This post is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and the Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Tractor Supply Company and their Purina Days Campaign, but Miss Molly Says only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Tractor Supply Company, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

Maryann D.

Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

Tractor Supply seems like a fantastic place to shop for pets. I wish we had one nearby.

Michelle Castagne

Wednesday 28th of September 2016

Looks like a great place to get pet supplies. Your dog is a cutie!

Rhonda AJ F

Thursday 29th of October 2015

I love going there , they have nice clothes also , cant wait to go back and buy some , my mom did buy me a nice blouse from there pretty country blouse with a guitar and some rhinestones and roses and it was only 10 i think ... love those clerance sales !

Sarah L

Saturday 26th of September 2015

With all 7 dogs to buy for it's good that you can get stuff on sale here.

Liberty J

Tuesday 15th of September 2015

I used to go here with my cousins and uncle as a kid! They have some great stuff!

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