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Putting a Smile on Their Face: 4 Ways to Ensure Overall Pet Wellness

Let’s be honest, your pet is just another member of the family. When it comes to their health and happiness, you go to the same extremes that you likely would for your actual children or other family members. If you want your pet to be completely happy and well, you should consider these four methods to ensure overall pet wellness.

Putting a Smile on Their Face 4 Ways to Ensure Overall Pet Wellness

Play Time

Whether you have a dog, cat, parrot, or some other pet, you can be sure that they will greatly benefit from actually being played with.

While it can be easy after a long day at work to skip out on taking your pet outside to play or roughhouse, you have to remember that they’ve been cooped up all day.

By not playing with your pet and letting them expound some of their energy, you may find that they develop unpleasant behavior as a result.

Regular Grooming

Some pets hate grooming. However, it is a necessary part of their care.

By regularly grooming, you can reduce the chances of fleas and other parasites making their new home on your pet’s body.

It can also keep their coat from getting too oily and matted.

For those animals with dry skin, a bath with moisturizing shampoos might be the perfect remedy for their comfort.

Brushing Their Teeth

Another process that you can add to your regular care for your pet is to brush their teeth.

This might prove to be a difficult task, but you can be sure that your pet can benefit from it.

While it may be easy to give them a dental chew, those chews can sometimes lodge in their throats or not digest well in their stomachs.

Brushing their teeth remains a sure way to keep their teeth and mouth healthy and clean.

Ensure Overall Pet Wellness with Regular Vet Visits

One of the trickiest parts of owning a pet is knowing if they’re healthy or not.

They don’t speak so how do you tell?

Typically, you can only tell if your pet is sick when they’re acting out of sorts.

Otherwise, it can be difficult to miss the telltale signs that something more severe may be brewing in their bodies until it’s too late.

Taking your pet regularly to the vet can ensure that they’re growing and developing well.

You take yourself to doctor appointments to check your health. Why wouldn’t you do that for your pet, too?

Be sure to listen carefully and follow their advice to the letter.

For example, if they say your pet needs medication to get through a period of illness, your best bet is to fill the veterinary prescription and follow the instructions you are given.

Improve your pet’s wellness and happiness with these four methods.

With some effort and love, you can ensure overall pet wellness. Your furry little friend will flourish and give you that love and more right back! 

Mary Gardner

Monday 23rd of September 2019

These are all great tips! Thanks for sharing.


Monday 18th of March 2019

Great tips! I don't know if everyone thinks to brush their pets' teeth but oral hygiene is so important for our furry friends!

Kelly Hanley

Saturday 16th of March 2019

Love this! Thanks for sharing!

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