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4 Grooming Tips for Pet Owners to Use on a Monthly Basis

Dogs have lived alongside humans for thousands of years, thoroughly domesticated to help us live more rewarding, happier, easier, and safer lives.

Pet ownership, be it dogs or other furry creatures, is associated with a number of health benefits, as well.

Having pets around is shown to fight allergies, boosting the immune systems of everyone, from adults to babies.

Pets can be trained to provide emotional support or help disabled people move around.

They even help owners meet new friends and potential dates more easily.

Pet ownership is associated with several responsibilities, including the always-dreaded grooming process.

With the right products from a reliable pet shop, you can easily groom your pets without stress about the products’ quality. Great quality products are guaranteed to work well on your pets without any adverse effects. You’ll also access products that cater to your pet’s fur type or skin.

Here are four grooming tips for pet owners to put into action, on at least a monthly basis.

4 Grooming Tips for Pet Owners to Use on a Monthly Basis

4 Grooming Tips for Pet Owners to Use on a Monthly Basis

Straighten Hair Prior to Bathing

While dogs, cats, and most creatures don’t bathe like humans, sitting in tubs of water or under shower heads, they do lick themselves clean.

However, shampoo provides pets with smooth fur, loss of body odor, and eradication of dirt trapped under fur.

Unfortunately, dogs often require more than an hour to dry off, tracking water around owners’ living spaces.

Make sure to brush or comb your dog’s hair (good luck with bathing cats), hair prior to submerging them in the bathtub, causing their fur to dry more rapidly.

Remove Pesky Knots without Scissors or Shears

Knots are unavoidable in pets with lengthy hair.

Rather than cutting them out, apply cornstarch to unsightly, matted areas.

Professionals, like those at All Creatures Inn, know that you should work small strokes with your brush around the knot, then slowly work your way inwards, patting smoothed sections out of the way as you continue.

Regularly Comb through Hair to Minimize Shedding

Many pets, especially dogs with long hair, are notorious for spreading their fur all throughout their owners’ houses.

While it’s impossible to actually prevent pets from shedding, removing loose hair while still affixed to pets is an effective means of minimizing shedding’s annoying, dirty effects on floors, couches, and bedding.

After removing knots and tangles, use a fine-toothed comb to help remove hair.

Lint rollers can be used in a similar fashion, with bet results coming directly after brushing or combing.

How to trim a dog’s nails?

When looking after dogs, one of the most important parts of their care is keeping their paws in tip-top condition.

Regular checkups are vital, as dogs’ nails grow at an alarming rate, and without regular trimming, they may be unable to walk comfortably, or even get injured from walking on hard surfaces.

Because dogs use their nails to balance and scratch themselves, if the nails are too long, it can cause pain and may even cause bleeding.

To make nail grinding easier for your dog, try these simple steps.

  1. Make sure that you have all of the tools needed before starting. You’ll need:
    1. A dog nail file (for grinding and smoothing the nails)
    2. Styptic powder (to stop the blood if you hit the quick)
    3. Some dog treats (peanuts, snacks, biscuits, etc.)
  2. When your dog is calm and relaxed, gently place him in a sitting position. Hold one foot up so that he can see it. Hold the grinder higher up nails for easier access. Start by grinding your dog’s front nails first. If he has any issues with his feet being touched, start on his back paws instead.
  3. Grind only a small part of your dog’s nail at one time. Start at the base of the toenail and gently push up toward the tip, making sure to avoid cutting into the pad.
  4. Once you’ve finished grinding the nails, smooth out any rough edges and give your dog a treat and praise him. Take care when filing near the quick, as this will hurt more than if you were to file closer to the end of the nail.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other paw. If you have a long-haired dog, be sure to keep its hair away from the grinder so it doesn’t catch on them.

Pet grooming is an owner’s responsibility.

Leaving pets to their own means often harbors even more dirtiness, rolling around in the grass, or going for dips in mud puddles.

Try these four tips out to make grooming that much easier each and every month.

Rebecca W

Saturday 29th of September 2018

We have a new puppy and just bought a new dog brush for him. He is so cute when he is bathed and combed!

Amy D

Sunday 18th of March 2018

Great tips. I totally noticed the more I combed my dogs hair, the less she would shed. I instantly clip knots out with a scissor instead of trying to work through them and hurting her.


Tuesday 29th of August 2017

I try to do grooming on a regular basis so they get used to the combs and brushes. Great suggestions to make it more comfortable.

rochelle haynes

Sunday 27th of August 2017

Thanks for the tips they will come in handy

April Monty

Saturday 26th of August 2017

These are some awesome suggestions ,I'll pass them on to all friends who are pet parents

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