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Rywell Arc-Chill Cooling Mats Help Keep Pets Cool and Comfy!

Whether your pets have been playing outside in the summer heat or they seem hot and uncomfortable even in the house, your pets will love the cool comfort of Rywell Arc-Chill cooling mats for pets!

Let’s take a look at these pawsome cooling mats and why they would benefit your pet too!

Rywell Arc-Chill Cooling Mats Help Keep Pets Cool and Comfy

Here in the South, we face brutally hot and humid temperatures in the summertime and my pups get hot even going out for short periods of time.

They come in with their tongues hanging out and panting like crazy! It takes them FOREVER to cool down enough to be comfortable.

Then, there are my bigger furbabies with double coats like my German Shepherd Lab furbabies that can be hot and panting even inside the air conditioned house!

That’s where these “cool” Rywell Arc-Chill cooling mats have been a lifesaver!

German Shepherd-Lab mix laying on a Rywell Arc-Chill Pet Cooling Mat

My dogs no longer head towards their big comfy beds or even the cool bare floor for their relaxing time.

All of them gravitate toward the cooling mats to help cool their hot bodies down.

These super “cool” mats have become their place of choice!

But wait! You may be asking “what is a cooling mat” or “how can it be of help to my 4-legged friend”?

Let’s take a look at these nifty Rywell Arc-Chill cooling mats for pets and how they work!

Black German Shepherd-Lab mix laying on a Rywell Arc-Chill Pet Cooling Mat

What are Rywell Arc-Chill Mats and How to Use Them

Rywell cooling mats are made of Arc-Chill natural cooling fabric from Japan.

The fabric effectively lowers the apparent temperature 3–5°C (= 5–9°F) to maintain a comfortable temperature and keep your dog from overheating and dehydration.

Getting your pet to use the mat is not a problem at all! Simply place the mat in their favorite spot and your pet will seek out its cool comfort!

Rywell Arc-Chill Pet Cooling Mat layer description

How the Arc-Chill Pet Cooling Mat is Made

The Arc-Chill cooling mat is durable and safe.

Unlike other self-cooling mats that use water injection or solid gels, all the materials used in the Rywell Arc-Chill cooling mat are safe, non-toxic, non-irritating fibers, and free of chemicals.

You don’t have to worry about leaking gel poisoning your pup if it decides to chew the mat.

And, you also do not have to worry about water leaking on your carpet and hardwood floors from a leaky water dog mat.

Rywell Arc-Chill Pet Cooling Mat showing non-slip back

Non-Slip Back

The Rywell Arc-Chill pet mat has a non-slip back that not only protects your sofa but will keep the mat from sliding around on the floor.

Rywell Arc-Chill Pet Cooling Mat showing color change after absorbing heat
Arc-Chill cooling mat changes color after dog has been laying on it.

Color Change Technology

So, you may be wondering “how do I know it is working?” right?

I like to say it is a “magic” blanket because it changes colors as it is absorbing heat.

When your pet’s temperature is higher than 95°F(35°C), the dog mat’s color will lighten or turn white. This means the mat is absorbing the heat.

Once your pet gets up, the mat will turn blue again.

Rywell Arc-Chill Pet Cooling Mat

Lightweight and Portable

As I talked about above, you can use the mat on your sofa, bed, or floor but it is also great for placing in pet crates!

The cooling mats are also lightweight and foldable, making them easy to carry in a bag for travel.

Your pet may also enjoy them on the car seat when going on trips!

Washing Instructions

The cooling mats are machine washable in cold water.

Do not use bleach, place in the dryer, or iron as this will destroy the cooling fabric.

To dry, simply hang in a cool ventilated place. The mats dry fairly quickly.

Heeler Pit bull mix laying on a Rywell Arc-Chill Pet Cooling Mat

My thoughts on the Rywell Arc-Chill Cooling Mats

I believe I am loving these “cool” Rywell Arc-Chill pet cooling mats as much as my dogs. Well, they may disagree with that statement!

However, when it comes to my furbabies, y’all know I do everything I can to keep them healthy and happy and the cooling mats certainly do that!

The cooling mats help keep them comfortable AND keep them from overheating which can lead to dehydration and a host of other problems.

The cooling mats come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and x-large so there is a size to fit all pooches and kitties!

Now, I am asking myself why I’ve not tried these before now?!

If you would like to give one a try, and I see your pets raising their paw saying yes please 🙂 – NOW is the time!

Rywell is offering a 10% Amazon discount off the Arc-Chill Pet Cooling Mat with the discount code: 662L6RBR

This code will expire: 5/27/2024

Debbie P

Tuesday 22nd of November 2022

I bought one of these for my girl and she loves it!

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