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Stay Cool All Night Long with Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket & Pillowcases

Do you ever wake up feeling too hot and uncomfortable? Is it hard for you to get a good night’s sleep because of the heat? Well, if this is you, you should definitely check out the Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket & Pillowcases. They’re pretty “cool” (no pun intended).

Stay Cool all Night Long with Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket

Sleeping in a hot and stuffy room can be a nightmare, especially during the summer months. Traditional blankets and sheets can trap heat and make it absolutely impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

For me, living in the South, we have super hot humid weather that the AC can barely keep up with. I also have 8 loveable pups that sleep in the bedroom with me.

Yes! You read that right! I have 8 and they all want to be where we are. They don’t all sleep in the bed but have dog beds with their own cooling mats spread around the room. However, that many pups in one room sure can put off some body heat!

Beagle in bed covered by a Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket

But the Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket & Pillowcases, help me sleep comfortably and stay cool all night long. The pups (like my Beagle boy) that share the blanket love the coolness of the blanket too!

But, before I share the details of the Marchpower Arc-Chill blanket and pillowcase, I wanted to share a few benefits and why you definitely need to have one of these “cool” blankets and pillowcases!

Benefits of a Cooling Blanket

Cooling blankets offer several benefits for both people and pets, particularly in hot weather or for individuals who tend to sleep hot.

Here are some advantages:

Temperature Regulation

Cooling blankets are designed to dissipate heat.

They are typically made from breathable materials that allow air to circulate and heat to escape, helping to regulate body temperature.

This can prevent overheating, excessive sweating, and discomfort during sleep.

Improved sleep quality

By maintaining a cooler environment, cooling blankets can contribute to better sleep quality.

Cooler temperatures are associated with deeper, more restful sleep, as they promote the body’s natural sleep cycles.

People and pets can experience more comfortable and uninterrupted sleep, increasing energy levels and improving overall well-being.

Relief for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

These blankets can be particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing hot flashes or night sweats, such as women going through menopause. Here’s me raising my hand GRRR!

The cooling properties of these blankets can help alleviate discomfort and manage temperature fluctuations, allowing for a more pleasant sleep experience.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Similar to cooling sheets, cooling blankets can complement air conditioning systems by enhancing their effectiveness.

They can help maintain a comfortable temperature without excessive reliance on air conditioning, potentially reducing energy consumption and associated costs.

German Shepherd Lab mix laying on top of a Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket

Pets Love the Cool Comfort

Pets can also benefit from cooling blankets, especially those with thick fur or breeds prone to overheating.

The coolness of the blanket provides a cool and comfortable spot for pets to rest on, helping to regulate their body temperature and prevent overheating or discomfort.

Now, let me share the Marchpower Cooling Blanket with you and how it can give you these benefits.

Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket and Pillowcases

Marchpower Cooling Blanket Features

The Marchpower Cooling Series incorporates the latest Japanese Arc-Chill cooling fiber technique.

This technique has a Q-Max of over 0.5 and is combined with cool jade factor.

As a result, the Arc-Chill cooling blanket is moisture-absorbing, cool, and comfortable.

Enhanced Coolness Feeling All Night

The Marchpower cooling blanket and pillowcases use Japanese Arc-Chill technology. The blanket has a Q-MAX of over 0.5, compared to other general blankets with less than 0.2.

The cooling fiber effectively absorbs body heat, reducing skin temperature by 35.6 to 42°F.

This is perfect for those who prefer not to run their air conditioning all night long. Or, you can at least adjust the temperature of the AC to help save dollars in the long run!

Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket showing both sides

The cooling Blanket has a Double-Sided Design

Marchpower has a double-sided cooling blanket that provides all-year-round comfort.

The blanket features an Arc-Chill cooling material on one side for a smooth and cool feeling.

This cooling summer blanket regulates body temperature, leading to a more restful sleep.

The other side is made of 100% Egyptian cotton, which ensures softness and comfort.

It’s an ideal choice for cooler spring and autumn temperatures.

Skin-Friendly Material

Marchpower cooling blankets are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, making them ideal for kids, toddlers, and pets.

They’re also great for hot sleepers and those who experience night sweats.

The blanket has a cool side that wicks away moisture and provides a fresh feeling allowing you to enjoy a luxurious and refreshing sleep.

Easy-to-Care Machine Washable

The summer cooling blanket is easy to clean as it is machine washable.

Simply place it in a laundry bag and wash it under 30℃/86℉ water. I wash mine in cold water on a gentle cycle.

It won’t fade. However, do not use bleach or place it in a dryer. To dry, simply hang it in the shade.

The Cooling Blankets Come in a Variety of Sizes and Color Options

The Marchpower cooling blanket is available in four sizes.

The small blanket (51″x 67″) is perfect for kids, pets, and travel. The twin-size blanket (59″x 79″) is ideal for a single person. The queen-size blanket (79″ x 86″) is perfect for couples. The king-size blanket (90″ x 108″) is ideal for families.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy a cool, comfortable night’s sleep!

Marchpower Arc-Chill pillowcases showing both sides

Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Pillowcases Features

Along with the cooling blanket, you simply must try the pillowcases!

Hot sleepers often experience the need to flip their pillow throughout the night to find relief from sweating. I can certainly testify to this!

The Marchpower cooling pillowcases eliminate the need for constant flipping, allowing for uninterrupted rest.

These pillowcases provide a cool and comfortable sleeping experience.

Soft and Cooling

These summer cool pillowcases are designed to ensure a cool effect that is long-lasting, fade-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant.

The intricate weaving of the Marchpower summer chill pillowcase creates a soft, cozy feel that is gentle on your skin and hair.

They have a smooth surface that reduces friction, which is great for preventing wrinkles, dry skin, and frizzled hair.

The double-sided design pillowcases are made of premium long-staple cotton, making them soft, strong, cool, and airy.

They are suitable for all seasons, providing an unprecedented sound sleep for hot sleepers, hot flashes, and night sweats.

Marchpower Arc-Chill Zippered Enclosure Pillowcases

Hidden Zipper on the Pillowcases

The pillowcases have a hidden zipper closure which allows for easy insertion and removal of your pillow.

The Arc-Chill cozy pillowcases fit any standard or queen-size pillow, and the hidden zipper and exquisite stitches hold your pillow perfectly without breaking its beauty or showing its seam.

The cooling pillowcases are a perfect bedding choice for hot sleepers and night sweats, as they are suitable for all seasons and provide a good solution for sweaty and hot sleepers.

They are also machine washable and then simply hang or lay in the shade to dry.

Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket and Pillowcases

My thoughts on the cooling blanket and pillowcases

My husband and I and the pups are really enjoying the Marchpower Arc-Chill cooling blanket and pillowcases on our bed. They are nothing short of impressive.

I am the type that I have to have some sort of cover and the cooling blanket is the perfect lightweight solution!

Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket draped over a brown recliner

The blanket also makes a great couch or chair throw for cooling comfort while enjoying your favorite shows on TV!

I love that the lightweight blanket features an Arc-Chill cooling material on one side, which helps to regulate body temperature on a hot summer night, while the other side is made of 100% Egyptian cotton for extra softness and comfort and can be used on cooler nights.

I also appreciate that these products are machine washable, so they’re easy to keep clean, especially with my pack of pups enjoying them with me 🙂

Finally, I love that the pillowcases feature a hidden zipper closure, making them convenient and stylish as well. And, no more flipping my pillow all night!

Beagle in bed covered by a Marchpower Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket

All in all, I believe both the Marchpower Arc-Chill cooling blanket and pillowcases are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and cool night’s sleep.

Use discount code: MI5XH6OJ to get 10% off (expires: 12-31-2025) the Marchpower Arc-Chill cooling blanket

And, use discount code: T2ZNM9W7 to get 10% off (expires: 12-31-2025) the cooling pillowcases.

Get yours today and they would also make awesome gifts for hot-sleeping family and friends!

Anne Perry

Sunday 21st of January 2024

I have a cooling blanket. I will give it to my dogs this summer.


Wednesday 27th of September 2023

These look great for the whole family!

Anne Perry

Wednesday 27th of September 2023

I have one of these blankets. Are they made with a plastic substance?

Anne Perry

Monday 11th of September 2023

I have a blanket like this.


Thursday 8th of June 2023

Looks very comfy. I tend to sleep hot, so these pillowcases and blanket would be perfect for me!

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