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September PetBox had Yummy Treats & Other Goodies!

We usually like to meet the big brown truck that brings our monthly PetBox subscription to us, but we had a string of messy rainy weather. We’ve been spendin’ time up in the house with my Lady. This time, we had to just bark our howdys to him through the door. Funny thing is, he actually got out the truck this time and sat it on the step! Most times, he hands it out the window of his truck. Our big ole pack ain’t that scary lookin’ are we?


We were awfully anxious for my Lady to get it in and open it. I still say it’s like gettin’ Christmas every month! It’s a box of presents from the PetBox people! My Lady knows we like surprises and wanted what’s in our monthly PetBox to be a surprise each month, so that’s the kind of box we get. We love it! I swear we’d open it for her if she’d let us, but there’s always that picture takin’ she wants to do ‘fore we get into it WOOF!


Ya can see what I’m a lookin’ at! My nose picked the scent of those chicken jerky treats up right off! We need to get this show on the road cause I’m already a droolin’! Can’t we try those first p-w-e-e-e-z-e and then look at the rest?


My brother Seager was a checkin’ out the chicken jerky treats too, but then found somethin’ interestin’ in a round container. My Lady told him he would get to try it out later, since he is one of us that needs them big ole words “glucosamine and chondoitin”. Now I’m not sure what they mean, but I do know it’s s’pose to help with achy joints and stuff.

Here’s what my Lady had to say about our September PetBox

Once again PetBox came through with some fantastic products in our monthly subscription box! There were yummy treats for the pups, delicious nutrient water, and supplies for their daily care. There was even a product to help with those unsightly brown patches in the yard from where they use the bathroom! PetBox really does think of everything! Let’s take a look at all the goodies that came…


I have a couple of dogs that have joint and hip issues. They take glucosamine and chondoitin in the form of a little flavored chew. I was curious as to whether they would love the Bionic Bones as much. Wellspring Pets Bionic Bones is an all-natural preservative free nutrient water for dogs. Each bowl contains 1000 mg of glucosamine and 105 mg chondroitin, with only 12 calories.  It comes in a ready-to-serve bowl, which your dog can drink from directly. This makes it super easy to serve and take on the go if need be. Just open the container and let them drink. I shouldn’t have worried, as they loved the Rotisserie chicken flavor and willingly lapped it all up leaving the bowl clean!


With all the pets we have, brown patches in the lawn from where they use the bathroom have always been a huge problem! So, I was excited to see these PetSafe Lawn Protector Pucks. They are a safe, simple, and environmentally friendly solution to urine-burned lawn patches! You just place the little bag or “puck” in the bottom of the water bowl and it does it’s magic!  The nitrogen in your dog’s urine from the water he drinks causes his urine to become acidic. The water puck purifies your dog’s water by removing extra nitrogen. They come in a 2-pack and each puck last for a month. Simple solution!


We also received an 8 count package of BarkPlus Waste Pick-Up Refill bags. I love their oxo-biodegradable bags! While they are designed to fit in their self tear dispenser, they will also fit most other common dispenser. When used with their dispenser it makes tearing along the perforation easy and quick with a one handed pull. It also stops the next bag so it will be ready for the next time without it flopping around!

The BarkPlus Waste Pick-Up Refill bags come 8 rolls per pack, 20 bags per roll, 160 bags per pack. Hey, that’s a lot of poop cleanup! Oh, you also have a choice of pink, blue or black. So, the little fashionista pups can be color coordinated!


The Loving Pets It’s Purely Natural Chicken Jerky treats is what all of them were focused in the box. They all have a nose that could sniff out treats anywhere! It’s Purely Natural dog treats are made in the USA, with a very short list of all natural ingredients with names you know. They have no additives, by-products or artificial preservatives. Glycerin, gluten, soy and wheat free. They’re purely awesome, or as my pets would say, “pawsome”!


I attempted to get a good pic, but with these good smelling treats, they were not holding still for a photo shoot! You can see Seager’s eyes are big with anticipation! He was probably thinking – just let go already, I want it!


Most of you know that I work in the rescue field where I see missing and found pets on a daily basis. Putting families and pets safely back together would be a lot easier with Pet ID tags. With the Petz Info QR ID Standard QR ID Tag, a simple scan from any smart phone or tablet let’s your pet’s entire PetzInfo profile be available for viewing. It will display Owner’s information, Vetinarian information, pictures, notes and much more! You can feel at ease knowing that if your pet goes missing, anyone who scans your pet’s QR ID Tag will be able to report them as found, view your and your pet’s information, contact you, and you will be notified immediately with the finder’s information.

The Petz Info QR ID tag is made of stainless steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee in case it becomes unscannable. I love love love knowing this is available. Not only will it help if my pets ever get lost, but the finder will have access to certain medical conditions that may need tending to. For pets on a strict medication schedule, this is vital information!

Once again, we were all happy with our PetBox monthly subscription box! The pups were all happy and licking their lips after their treats and I was a happy furmom with the supplies that came. All the products are always of the highest quality and, as always, a much higher value than what the subscription price is! Be sure and check out our other PetBox Reviews for fun pictures and info on new items!

How does PetBox Subscription Service work?

1) Tell them about your pet: Answer a few questions about your dog or cat and they will create a personalized list of products.

2) Pick your plan: Members get $50 of value in each PetBox for as low as $29/month. And shipping is always free within the United States.

3) Pack your PetBox: Each month, choose the items you want in your PetBox, or ask us for a surprise selection of our favorites.

Purchase your pet a subscription!

If you think your pet would love a PetBox, go HERE to get started. But wait! We have a special discount code for Miss Molly Says readers! You can save 10% by using discount code MISSMOLLY. You can also subscribe to several months of PetBox and each month they will automatically arrive.

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I was provided with the product above from PetBox. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions stated here are 100% my own.

Debbie P

Monday 10th of June 2019

This looks really great and I am going to have to try this. Thanks.

Susan Smith

Friday 8th of June 2018

My dog would love this box! I like that I can choose the items you want in your PetBox, or ask them for a surprise selection of our favorites.


Tuesday 27th of September 2016

I didn't know that they had monthly doggy subscription. Thanks for the info!


Wednesday 7th of September 2016

Oh, wow! Those PetBox people really look like they know what they're doing. Such smart products, for pets AND their people. It looks like everyone was happy to receive this wonderful box. Great review; thank you!

Susan Bewley

Wednesday 30th of March 2016

I am going to have to look into this box. How do you think it compares to Barkbox? We already get that one for Reya and Ivi, but we are looking at adding another box since they always get duplicate boxes now. :(

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