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Small creatures are not lunch, or even a snack!

It’s still winter in a lot of places, and snow is hidin’ most of them little creatures.  But, I still managed to find and eat a mole not too long ago.  My Lady seemed bothered…maybe ’cause I got indigestion? Maybe, ’cause that mole wasn’t botherin’ her none? She’s says small creatures are not lunch, or even a snack, and we aren’t to bother em!

rabbit, Small creatures are not lunch, or even a snack!

Human folk are plain hard to understand sometimes! If you have one, a human, you know what I mean. Some times they tell us to chase the rat outside and get all excited if we catch it. But go near the lizard in the little human’s room, and the human folk go crazy!

All of this has left me doin’ some thinkin’ on the matter!

  1. Small creatures in cages should not be bothered- at all! The rabbit in the outdoor cage is probably a family pet too…I know, a dog with a pet rabbit is not normal.
  2. Small creatures in cages inside the house are not anyone’s lunch. They are valued as pets and not as a buffet for the pack. This is confusin’ if there’s a brown and white mouse in a cage, and you’re told to catch the grey one on the kitchen floor! Ummmm!
  3. Outdoor creatures are more free for chasin’, but human folk have a pack order on these too. Anything your human oooow’s and aaah’s over should not be chased and especially eaten! Well, chased is probably okay if no one sees WOOF!
  4. Always avoid chasin’ or eatin’ baby rabbits.  Despite us dogs thinkin’ they’re extremely tasty, these creatures seem to have a special hold on human folk. If you chase an adult rabbit, you’re likely to get crabby words from your human. But, go near a baby rabbit, and you’re gonna hear a lot of loud yellin’. Actually, go too close to a baby anything, and you are likely to hear an ear full!

I know it seems complicated, and it kind of is, but if you remember the cage rule and the ooh and aaahhh rule, you’ll be safe – most of the time.  So yes, that spider is not in a cage and is not considered ooooh and aaaah worthy, so lunch it up!


Sunday 26th of April 2015

I'm always getting rid of rabbits that nest in the yard. I think they're pests. I don't know why the mother rabbit keeps coming back.

Pawsitively Humane

Friday 7th of March 2014

Good Job, you finally figured out us. I bet it sounds nonsense to you but we are just trying to protect you. Does that means you're done chasing rabbits? We hope so lol


Monday 10th of March 2014

Yep, I'm done! My Lady says the little creatures are good things and not to be bothered.

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