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Special Kitty: How to Show Adoration and Love for Your Furry Friend

Cats are wonderful pets. Independent and amazingly self-sufficient, they also enjoy affection and love. Unlike dogs, they can be left alone for long periods without worry (for the most part). So, how do you show your special kitty friend how much you love him or her?

Special Kitty, How to Show Adoration and Love for Your Furry Friend

Regular Health Checks

A yearly visit to the vet is a given. This ensures that your beloved companion gets a thorough exam by an expert who can look for signs and symptoms of illness and disease that you wouldn’t recognize.

But you should also take time at home to check out his health.

When you scoop the litter box, look for anything unusual about what you’re scooping.

If it’s changed consistency, color, or shows signs of parasites, that’s an indication that a vet visit may be in order.

Give him head-to-toe massages, feeling for any matted fur or unusual lumps or bumps that weren’t there before. Plus, it will lower his blood pressure.

Invest in a Monthly Cat Subscription Box for your Special Kitty!

Cat subscription boxes come filled with goodies for your sweet furry companion.

Cat toys and treats, food samples, apparel, and other kitty goodies will be delivered right to your doorstep, for you to surprise your best animal friend with.

Enjoy doling out yummy new treats, or teasing her with a fresh new toy that she’s never seen before.

Some companies offer subscription box options, and you can always try more than one to find the perfect fit for you’re your kitty.

If you really love your cat or have more than one, you might even subscribe to more than one.

Improve Your Communication

We all know he’s a cat, and humans and cats don’t speak the same language.

However, just like a mother can learn to discern when her child’s cry means the child is hungry and when it means the child needs a diaper change, you can learn what your cat is telling you with the way he meows, blinks his eyes at you, flicks his tail, or twitches his ears.

The better you come to understand what he’s trying to communicate and meet his needs, the more loved he’ll feel.

A cat is a wonderful companion.

They’ll show you love and affection, play with you, and enjoy spending time with you, but they aren’t as high-maintenance as dogs.

You can easily create a loving bond with special kitty that’s as wonderful as any you share with a human.


Monday 15th of November 2021

We recently lost our cats an miss them a lot. Hopefully we will be ready for new companions soon. These are all good tips!

Nancy P

Saturday 6th of October 2018

I have a black & white cat named Lucy. She's old but very healthy. ?


Sunday 2nd of September 2018

Interesting ideas. I like to communicate on one level or another daily with my feline friend. I think that adoration goes both ways


Sunday 21st of January 2018

I have always had cats and find them to be wonderful companions. Mine have all been playful and loving.

April Monty

Sunday 21st of January 2018

Great pointers for cat lovers, they can be complicated pets at times

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