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Strategies for Handling Dog Jealousy in the Pack

Pack livin’ is the best livin’, but sometimes dog jealousy can occur amongst us members. When that green eyed monster rears it’s ugly head, fights break out and it’s not funny! It’s not that we’re mean dogs, we’re just jealous. Dog jealousy is a lot like kids bein’ jealous of each other.

Strategies for Handling Dog Jealousy in the Pack

We’re enjoying a friendly game of tag!

Strategies for Handling Dog Jealousy in your Pack!

Meal times can be an issue, as that’s when doggie arguments occur a lot of the time. To calm food aggression in the pack, everyone should have his or her own bowl or dish, which are spread throughout the house like an Easter egg hunt. Then each dog should be called individually to his or her meal.  This requires a certain military-like precision, as ya want all the dogs to finish their grub at about the same time.

A lot of jealous fights happen in the house around here. We have a lot of bodies in a small space for long periods of time. On a good note though, most packs seem to get along fine when out in the yard. For me and the rest of the pack, we play good outside together. There’s more space and no accidental bumpin’ into each other.  My Lady stills keeps a close eye on us though, just in case! However, there are times when two dogs just can’t seem to get along AT ALL! Ya know how they are, they growl and fight even if they have full bellies and a human givin’ them undivided attention. When it comes to this, somethin’ has to be done.

Sometimes dog jealousy can go so far as they can’t stand the smell, or sight, of one another! If this is the case, then they have to be separated at all times to avoid injury. Alternatin’ locations works here. One can be inside and the other outside. That’s all good and fine for the day time, but when it’s time to sleep or come in the house, some one will have to be crated from the rest of the pack. This will allow everyone to chill out and get some rest.

Most importantly, if ya got two dogs that are jealous of each other, never leave em alone together in the house! Problems can happen and you won’t be there to control it! My Lady still puts Ozzy and Brandi in crates if she has to go somewhere. That Brandi is jealous of sister Sallie and picks on her all the time! Seager tries to tell Ozzy what to do and these days Ozzy don’t like it so much. By puttin’ em in crates, it’s safer for everyone! I’m afraid if my Lady didn’t crate em, we would have a free-for-all match in here by the time she got back!

Another time dog jealousy can rear it’s ugly head is when treats and toys are gettin’ handed out. My Lady is very sweet and is very careful that everyone gets a treat, or toy, to avoid arguments. She’ll pick a toy for each one of us, or point one of us to the toy bin. We get to dive in and find our favorite stuffy or rope tug for distraction. Sometimes, however, if we’re havin’ a particular tasty treat, we have to go in crates before she hands em out. We had a big scrappin’ brawl over some chew bones one day and ever since, we have to be in a crate to get those!

Overall, it’s best for us doggies to all just get along! When we can’t, our humans can help us through the squabbles and rough spots. Dog jealousy may require some alternate cratin’ or keepin’ us separated, but it can be handled and we’ll be a happy pack!

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