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Summer Health Tips For Your Pets

I’m just a dog and to be honest with ya I don’t know how to tell time or read thermometers. But, what I do know is what hot is! Down here in the South where I live, it gets HOT! Not only does it get hot, sometimes the air is so sticky ya can hardly breath when ya go outside! If ya think you humanz have it bad, think about wearin’ a fur coat out there! Yep, ya wouldn’t like it none now would ya?! WOOF! My Lady has some Summer Health Tips for Your Pets that she wants to tell ya ’bout to help all my friends out. So, here ya go…

Summer Health Tips for Your Pets

Maggie and Seager enjoying an afternoon outside.

With Summer here, we want to make it a fun and easy season on our dogs and cats. We often think about our own needs in summer with extra heat and humidity, but our pets shouldn’t be neglected. Just like the weather changes can bother us, they can be frustrating for your dogs and cats as well. Following these tips will give your pets a healthier summer and you peace of mind.

Summer Health Tips For Your Pets

Keep more water accessible

Whether your pets are indoor or outdoor pets, having water accessible all day long is necessary. Hydration is important for your pets just as much as it is for you. For inside pets this means multiple water bowls that are changed out routinely with fresh water. For outside dogs, you will want to change water at least once a day if not more frequently. You may also want to freeze water in larger containers to put into their water bowl to keep it cool throughout the day as it melts.

Keep thermostat lower for your pets during the day

If your pets are indoor animals, make sure to keep the inside thermostat moderate for them. Even though you may want to turn it up during the day while you are away from home, it is important to keep the climate control for them. Your pets can tolerate warmer temperatures than you do, but you should be reasonable and make sure that air is circulating and they are not panting from the heat.

Give them a hair cut

Many long hair breeds benefit from hair cuts during summer months. Find a local trustworthy groomer to shave (please be aware of which breeds should not be shaved!) or trim them to help cut back on the added heat. Yes, even cats can benefit from having their hair trimmed if they are a long hair in an extremely hot or humid climate.

Take more frequent shorter walks

Instead of taking your dogs for long walks a few times a day, take them for shorter more frequent walks that will get the exercise in without allowing them to get overheated. Just like their human owners, dogs can get overheated very easily in warmer temperatures when they exercise.

Think about these summer health tips for your pets when you consider your activities with them on a regular basis. Every pet is unique in their needs, but you as their owner are responsible for meeting those needs. Make sure to think through summer activities to protect them from heat and dehydration.

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Mary Gardner

Thursday 30th of December 2021

These are great tips! Keeping our dog trimmed really seems to help.


Friday 16th of March 2018

Summer is coming soon, good tips to use then

Darcy Koch

Sunday 23rd of July 2017

I do my best to keep both my pets cool in hot weather. Nala, our dog, loves lying in the shade to cool off. We try not to exercise her too hard or too long.


Monday 10th of July 2017

All good tips!

Ruth Epstein

Friday 27th of May 2016

Having lived most of my life in Eilat Israel (117 Deg sometimes) I have learnt big time how to stay cool.

During the hot days I keep all blinds closed so it keeps the heat out and the cool air in, I run two fans 24/7 so the air is cool and circulating (I don't have a/c) plus yes its short walks for Layla.

If I have the kids (Sundays) and we do parks, I make sure there is shade for her, water for definite (normally freeze half so it keeps cool) and if we do the beach I have a beach canopy for her so she has shade and coolness. We are never out more than 4 to 5 hours but I water her down also to keep her temps down.

Thanks for all the reminders and have a great weekend

Haircuts 75 dollars each time so I trim her hair all the time too so its short.


Friday 27th of May 2016

Oh my! 117 degrees and no a/c! Oh geesh! I would stroke LOL! Thank you for the additional tips!! Love the - water her down one! That is something I can do with mine while they play outside!

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