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Summer Safety: 4 Ways to Create a Spot to Cool down for Your Pets

During the summer months, you usually make sure your family stays cool and comfortable. However, your pets are a part of the family as well. As part of summer safety, they need to be kept cool so that they stay safe when it’s hot outside.

If possible, let your pets stay inside your home so that they aren’t outdoors during the hottest times of the day.

Summer Safety 4 Ways to Create a Spot to Cool Down for Your Pets

Cooling Stations

A fun way to keep your pets cool in the summer is to make cooling stations.

These are created by putting toys and treats in a bowl of water and then freezing the water so that it becomes a large ice cube.

Your pets can then lick the ice to try to reach the treats.

This is something fun for your pets to do and can keep them cool at the same time.

Air Conditioned Spaces

If you let your pets stay inside your home, then you need to ensure that it’s as cool as possible.

Contact a company that provides AC system repair services to check your unit.

If there are issues with the unit, then it needs to be fixed before hot weather arrives. This ensures your family is cool as well as your pets.

Pay attention to how your system sounds and whether the temperature is adjusted while the air is on. These can be signs that something is wrong with the unit.

Cooling Mats

Since pets sometimes want to be lazy in the summer because it’s just too hot to do much of anything, give them a cool place to rest by making a mat.

Get a few ice packs that you put in the freezer.

Once they are frozen, wrap them in a cloth, sealing the cloth to make a small mat or blanket.

Your pets will be able to feel the coolness of the ice packs through the fabric.

A benefit of this solution is that you don’t need to have a lot of sewing skills.

Pool Party

There’s nothing like playing in the water to cool off in the summer.

Your pets can join in on the fun as well with a pool party. Get a few small pools that are usually used for children.

Fill the pools with water and a few toys.

Your pets can splash around and enjoy playing with each other. Even the neighborhood dogs if you invite them over.

Keeping your pets cool in the summer can be fun.

If they have to stay outside, then make a few frozen treats, making sure they have plenty of water regardless of whether they have ice or not.

For, summer safety, watch for signs of dehydration and getting too hot in the summer as you might need to seek treatment if this occurs.

Sarah L

Monday 22nd of April 2019

Good tips. I like the toy frozen in a block of ice for them to lick and cool off.

rochelle haynes

Saturday 20th of April 2019

Thanks for the tips looking good

Angela Saver

Friday 19th of April 2019

Great tips! Cooling mats are a great idea!

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