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The Frugal Pet Owner: 5 Tips to Keep Your Bank Account from Looking “Ruff”

Spoiling your pet doesn’t mean you have to become bankrupt. If you love to give your pets fun days at doggy daycare, new squeaky toys, or high-quality treats, here are some tips to help you spoil your pup without sacrificing your bank account.

The Frugal Pet Owner: 5 Tips to Keep Your Bank Account from Looking "Ruff"

The Frugal Pet Owner: 5 Tips to Keep Your Bank Account from Looking “Ruff”

Skip Doggy Daycare

Sending your dog off to daycare is quite expensive, but leaving your dog at home for eight to 10 hours a day might be unbearable to both of you. Find a local pet sitting business and pay them to come over halfway through your workday to walk your dog and play with them. The hour of activity will entertain your dog and wear them out for the afternoon, and it will cost you a fraction of what doggy daycare costs.

Buy Quality Dog Food

Cheap dog food is cheap for a reason. It isn’t as nutrient dense as higher quality dog foods, and it does gradually diminish your dog’s quality of life over time. Spending more money on their diet will reduce how much money you spend at the veterinarian, and saving on unnecessary vet bills will ultimately give you more freedom in your pet budget.

Make Your Own Treats

Dogs aren’t picky, and they often love cheap treats. Cheap is never healthy, but the quality treats your dog deserves might be out of your budget. In these instances, make your own! Peanut butter and plain Greek yogurt are excellent choices for occasional treats. Whip peanut butter with water or yogurt and freeze for a treat that’s reminiscent of ice cream.

Opt for Free Activities

Your dog doesn’t need fancy toys to enjoy himself. Take your dog back to their primal roots and let them explore the outdoors. Head into the mountains or to the coast and let them spend the day doing what they do best: exploring and using their nose. It will cost you nothing except for gas!

Shop Online

You’ll find better deals on toys when you shop online. Pet boutiques are notoriously expensive, and if your dog loves to shred toys, then you’ll save quite a bit of cash using online coupons for discounted websites. 

Spoiling your dog can be affordable. Whether you like to spoil them with toys or treats, there are ways around spending money you don’t have to spend. All you have to do is shop smart and avoid shopping in excess and your budget will stay right on track.

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