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The Fundamentals of Finding a Car for a Dog Owner

The role of the dog has changed quite a lot over the last hundred years. They used to be a utilitarian addition to the household, something that plays a very distinct role (or a set of roles) born out of necessity. The symbiosis between humans and dogs became more pronounced as the bond developed over centuries and, now, they have grown into full-fledged family members. These days, we have to reconsider every element of our household before we introduce this new family member into the fold, including the trusty four-wheeler.

The Fundamentals of Finding a Car for a Dog Owner

What a dog needs

If you own a canine pet that goes everywhere with you, you will have to make peace with a certain notion – that your dog’s opinion is the one that matters more than yours. Some compromise can be achieved, but you can kiss your coveted vehicle goodbye without your dog’s “final word”. Of course, this is a joke but there is a kernel of truth in there. My own experience has taught me that I should pay attention to a few tells signaled by my own canine friend.

For example, if the dog refuses to jump into a car, something probably makes it feel uncomfortable. Dogs usually enjoy rides, but if they show some sort of mistrust towards the vehicle, you might want to reconsider it. Fidgeting and restlessness are also telling signs that this car “might just not work” and in extreme situations, dogs may even develop a form of car sickness.

The Fundamentals of Finding a Car for a Dog Owner

Get your finances in order

However, unless you require two vehicles and you are ready to cash out, you need to devise a smart and reasonable financial plan for purchasing a car that is “big enough” for you and your furry companion. After all, purchasing a new four-wheeler is not quite like buying a pair of shoes. I’d look for the most reliable way to sell my car online through Carbiz before browsing for a new vehicle. It might be financially unwise to jump at the first opportunity before you see what the best price you can get is for the old vehicle, and you may even want to “sniff out” the state of the market through platforms like Carbiz, to gauge the price range and opportunities.

The Fundamentals of Finding a Car for a Dog Owner

What you need to look for

You need more space in a new car so your canine friend can feel as free to maneuver around as possible. Furthermore, spaciousness will make it much easier for the dog to regulate its body temperature (a quality built-in AC unit also comes in handy), plus you have to think about the mental strain cramped spaces put on the dog – if it feels claustrophobic in a vehicle that shakes and rumbles, it might get agitated. It should have enough room to stretch out its legs. In other words, a lot of boot space and a boot opening with a sensible height are a must.

You may want to consider purchasing additional equipment that can fit into the car – such as transport carriers and specialized seat-belt attachments that have harnesses for dogs. Such items can be of great assistance if your dog gets sick and you need to transport it to the vet. The dog will probably be too weak or tired to control their posture during turns and swerves, so a transport carrier or at least a harness comes in handy. If you own a lively smaller dog, a child lock and a window lock are valuable features as well. They are an added level of security that will give you peace of mind, especially if you embark on longer trips and need to promptly leave your pet in a car to purchase groceries and supplies.

The Fundamentals of Finding a Car for a Dog Owner

A dog that follows you everywhere is more than just a pet – and there is an instinctive truth to this. In your eyes, they are a precious family member, someone you can count on no matter what – and this is invaluable. In the eyes of a dog, you are a member of the pack, someone in whom it places absolute trust. With such a precious bond, it would be a shame not to embark on countless trips in a four-wheeler and experience innumerable adventures.

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