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TruDog Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats are Woofalicious! #Review #SweetValentine16

There is nothin’ us pups love better than our job! Yep! Y’all know we have a nice cushy job doin’ taste testin’ for my Lady. Things sure go through a lot of channels before we get our say, but that’s just how it goes. Like, for instance, my Lady spends time studin’ and readin’. She says she wants to make sure it is safe and good for us. Well, I can appreciate that, but sometimes that smell can just over take me WOOF! By the the time she decides it’s good for us, I’m almost drownin’ in my own drool over here! I gots to tell ya, when she opened them bags of TruDog Freeze Dried Raw dog treats, I had thoughts of just snatchin’ em and runnin’! Who needs all that readin’?! Ain’t my nose good enough? Dang it boy! Bring em on already!

TruDog Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats are Woofalicious! #Review #SweetValentine16

But, my Lady is the boss and we have to wait until she says it’s alright. That’s just how it is. I heard the words “real meat” – GULP! I just kept a swallerin’ until she said “these look great”! I could a told her that! Come on Mom! Where’s the meat?????

This is what my Lady had to say about the TruDog Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats

Y’all know that I am VERY particular about the dog treats my pups get. I read and study the ingredients and where they are made before I allow my pups to have them. Well, I think I met my match! TruDog passes the test hands down on all fronts!

We are talking REAL meat! There are no grains, gluten, or fillers involved and their treats are locally sourced from right here in America. Trudog dog treats are freeze dried raw to keep all the goodness in tact. So, if you feed raw, semi-raw, or just looking for the healthiest treat for your dog, these treats are amazing! The pups are absolutely mad about them and why wouldn’t they be?! They have the taste and smell of what’s in their doggie dreams!

TruDog Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats are Woofalicious! #Review #SweetValentine16

About TruDog Dog Treats:

TruDog dog treats have no added ingredients: TruDog uses only 100% USA raised and harvested Alaskan Salmon and Bison and they freeze dry raw for optimal nutrition and value. TruDog does NOT mix their meat with grains, fillers or any chemical additives found in so many other treats. Made in the USA. There is NO wheat, corn, grains, sugar, fillers, chemicals or by-products. Has no refined carbohydrates, no added salt just pure digestible high quality protein.

TRUDOG Freeze Dried Raw Surf ‘N Turf treats are a tasty treat that is rich in CoQ10, Omega 3’s and oil soluble vitamin A as well as a bunch of great amino’s and nutrients not typically available from most meats.

Let’s check out what the pack thought about TruDog Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats!

TruDog Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats

My hubs opened the packaged and Seager’s eyes told the story! He was front in line to get the treat!

TruDog Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats

By this time, Ozzy and Molly had caught a waft of the smell and knew we had opened the bag. They came begging for a treat too! When Ozzy sits politely like a gentleman – it means he REALLY wants something!

TruDog Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats

The word was spreading! The pups were rushing in, leaving their game of chase to grab a delicious tidbit! Oh, and if you see them all sitting and waiting patiently, you can be very sure they are waiting on a super tasty treat! If a treat is so-so, they have a tendency to be running around and not paying much attention. But, for TruDog, all eyes were on the bag!

TruDog dog treats 3

Want to treat your furry friends to a few of these tasty TruDog Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats? I’m positive they will love them as much as Miss Molly and the pack and you will probably score a big doggy smooch for them! And, they are 100% fur mom approved! You can check out all the flavors at TruDog! I’m sure there is a flavor your pet will go gaga over!

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TruDog is featured on Miss Molly Says 2016 Valentine’s Gift Guide!



Rachel Beltz

Monday 15th of August 2016

Oh I think my pups would go crazy for the Surf & Turf Diced Delight Salmon and Bison Real Meat Super Treats! They love salmon!

Laurie Nykaza

Saturday 16th of April 2016

These Trudog treats sound great my 3 dogs would love getting them as a reward when we go out walking no gluten is good.


Sunday 21st of February 2016

It's disappointing how hard it is to find dog treats that are made in the USA with NO fillers and NO gluten! After this review, I;ll be checking out Trudog freeze dried raw treats!

margaret maggie porter

Sunday 21st of February 2016

My pups love treats. I would love for them to have these!

Laurie Nykaza

Sunday 21st of February 2016

These look so good my 3 pups would love it. I like using treats when training them too it works well.

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