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What Common Plants are Poisonous for Dogs?

Dogs are very inquisitive and spend much time outdoors with their nose sniffing in the undergrowth. Some common plants are poisonous to dogs.

Dogs can be very intelligent and have a deeper knowledge of what is safe and unsafe in nature.

When out on a long walk they can usually be trusted to stay away from anything that would hurt them. However, a lively and playful dog and especially puppies will have a tendency to get itself into trouble and it is the owner’s job to look out for places that it could be harmed.

What Common Plants are Poisonous for Dogs?

When it comes to plants, it is not only the outdoors where a dog could be in danger.

A hungry dog will go on a hunt around the house and be prone to chew or eat all manner of things.

Care can be taken to make sure that poisonous plants are not there as a potential danger.

Symptoms of Poisoning

A dog that has poisoning of any kind will show some obvious symptoms.

These might include vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing, abnormal urine (color, smell, frequency, etc.), salivation, weakness, and any other abnormal condition.

A good source of information is on the LA County Website where the Department of Animal Care provides many pages of excellent information.

If it is suspected that the dog has been poisoned, then a vet should be contacted as soon as possible.

Other Poisons Around the Home

Of course, it is not just plants that can be poisonous to dogs.

Rat poison is a very common danger to a dog and so it is incredibly important to ensure that is well out of the reach of a dog.

Then, there is human medication, all kinds of cleaning solutions, chocolate, antifreeze, and yard chemicals.

These can all be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal for all pets. Chocolate can, for example, be bad for the dog’s heart and sometimes induces seizures.

What Common Plants are Poisonous for Dogs?

Poisonous House Plants

The Cornell University provides details about common house plants that can be poisonous to a pet dog.

These include castor bean, daffodil, dieffenbachia, elephant ear, hyacinth, narcissus, oleander, and rosary pea.

Many other indoor plants can be dangerous and so it is always best to check before bringing home a new plant.

What Common Plants are Poisonous for Dogs?

Common Outdoor Plants Poisonous to Dogs

There are some very common outdoor plants that people choose to put in their gardens that dogs should be guarded against.

These include autumn cross, bleeding heart, foxglove, iris, larkspur, lily-of-the-valley, monkshood, and star of Bethlehem.

In the vegetable garden, it is only really rhubarb and sweet peas that needs to be of concern.

Of course, its best to keep pets off of the vegetables anyway but the others are generally considered safe for them to be around.

Poisonous Trees and Shrubs

Black locust, elderberry, oak, and cherry can be dangerous for dogs.

While the berries are obvious to avoid it may not be so obvious when there are branches of the trees around a forest.

With oak trees, in particular, it is the young leaves and acorns that can be poisonous to dogs.

Looking after a pet is a serious business and every thought must be given to the fact that they need almost as much looking after as a young child.

This is especially true when selecting a dog, as they must be given a lot of attention and taken for regular walks.

They must be taken into account when plants are selected for the home and garden to be sure that they are not poisonous plants for dogs.


Wednesday 15th of April 2020

This is great information. I've been wanting to start getting some plants for the house, and this will help me know what to avoid.

Brigitte Bauman

Wednesday 15th of April 2020

Thank you for sharing this information. I will be sharing with friends.

Debbie P

Wednesday 8th of April 2020

Thanks for this super important article.

Sarah L

Wednesday 8th of April 2020

I didn't realize just how many plants there are that are bad for dogs.

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