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What Pet Is The Right Pet For Me?

There are many reasons for bringing an animal into your home. Animals bring joy. They give warmth and affection and often lead to new contact with other people. But, have you ever wondered what pet is right for me?

Most children are drawn to animals.

As the friendship with one’s own animal increases, so does the willingness to respect and protect our fellow creatures.

But not every animal suits everyone.

If you want to spare yourself the disappointment and the animal from an uncertain fate, a few basic questions must first be clarified:

  • Do you have enough time to look after an animal?
  • Does an animal also fit in with your future plans?
  • Do all family members agree to having an animal?
  • If your child wants an animal: You are responsible and you will probably have to look after the animal yourself in most cases. Are you ready for it?
  • Whether dog, cat or small animal: Every animal has its own specific and individual needs. 
  • Can you afford good pet insurance?
  • Are you able to feed your animal, even if it should get sick?
  • Can you arrange the accommodation and care of the animal while on vacation or when you are absent for days?
What Pet Is The Right Pet For Me?

If there is only one of these questions that you cannot answer positively, we recommend that, for the benefit of everyone, you do without an animal for the time being until all requirements are met.

Which animal suits you best?

You or your children are sure to have a favorite animal that you would like to take into your home. But you shouldn’t be guided by your wishes alone.

Before buying a new housemate, it is important to find out more about their needs.

This is the only way to create the conditions for the animal to feel comfortable in its new home and for you to really enjoy it.

The size and design of the apartment play a role as well as the time that has to be spent on an animal on a regular basis. In addition, not all animals are suitable for children.

Two women sitting on a bed with two dogs


A large dog fits better in a house with a yard. Smaller dogs are more suitable for keeping in an apartment.

But whether you have a house with a garden or a city apartment, the following generally applies:

Only those who have a lot of time should buy a dog.

Every dog needs a lot of talk, good and consistent training and long walks in the countryside. In addition, there are hereditary traits that play an important role in daily life.

Greyhound-type dogs, for example, have a particularly strong need for exercise.

Dog breeds bred for hunting want to be extra busy and follow their hunting instincts with relative ease. This must be steered in the right direction.

Some breeds, such as the Labrador Retriever, have a pronounced need to swim, herding dogs need a task to be busy.

All family members have to get along with a dog.

Children must be taught how to handle it correctly so that the animal can integrate harmoniously into the family and there are no misunderstandings.

The education of the dog should be directed by an adult.

Not all dogs are well suited for families with children.

Anyone who researches comprehensively before purchasing has the best prerequisites to find the right dog.

Not all dogs are well suited for families with children.

Anyone who is fully informed before purchasing has the best prerequisites to find the right dog. Not all dogs are well suited for families with children.

Anyone who is fully informed before purchasing has the best prerequisites to find the right dog.

Woman holding a gray and white cat


Ideal homes for cats are homesteads or single-family houses in a traffic-calmed location, where the animals can decide for themselves when to stay in the house or take a trip outside.

Cats that have no experience of being outdoors can also be kept in a city apartment that is designed to be suitable for cats and does not have an exercise area.

Some cats, unlike dogs, can spend a lot of time with themselves.

Others, like most dogs, love to spend a lot of time with their humans or other cats.

If a cat sits motionless for a long time, it does not mean that it is sleeping. Rather, she observes her surroundings attentively, preferably in a varied window seat.

In the past, the cat was considered a typical loner who can be alone and is therefore particularly suitable for one-person households.

Today it is known that animals are usually very sociable with one another.

If a cat is free to roam, it can make contact with other conspecifics. 

Tri-colored Guinea pig

Guinea pig

Guinea pigs are sociable, diurnal animals.

They can be kept in a cage if their accommodation is generous and they are given daily exercise.

But they also feel at home all year round in a large outdoor enclosure in the garden.

They are not suitable for smaller children, as they are not cuddly toys and children quickly lose interest if they cannot come into direct contact with the animal.

Unlike dogs or cats, guinea pigs cannot defend themselves if they are handled incorrectly.

But that doesn’t mean that they enjoy this contact.

As sociable animals, guinea pigs should be kept at least in pairs, preferably in small groups.  

Woman holding a white dwarf rabbit

Dwarf rabbits

Dwarf rabbits are also sociable animals.

They live to be eight to ten years old on average.

They shouldn’t be kept individually. 

Dwarf rabbits are very active and need daily exercise.

This is not unproblematic, as there is hardly a power cable that is safe from the cage active animals.

In principle, it is only possible to keep dwarf rabbits in a species-appropriate manner in the home to a limited extent, because one of the basic needs of rabbits is to dig tunnels and caves.

It is therefore better to keep the animals all year round in a large, well-structured and secure outdoor enclosure.

Dwarf rabbits are only suitable for children to a limited extent, for like guinea pigs, as animals to escape, they naturally shy away from humans.

If not handled carefully and responsibly, they are easily injured. 

Golden Hampster eating a slice of cucumber

Golden hamster

Golden hamsters are quite popular as pets.

However, it is hardly possible to keep them appropriately in the apartment.

The Syrian steppe is the original habitat of the Syrian hamster.

The golden hamster covers large distances while foraging for food.

In the running wheel of the cage, he can only very inadequately satisfy his enormous need to run.

For children who want to deal with the animal during the day, a golden hamster is not very suitable.

In addition, the life expectancy of these animals is very short at two to three years.  

A pet rat being held in owner's hands looking at the camera


Rats are extremely social creatures – even though many people shy away from them! They should therefore never be kept alone, however.

Without constant contact with conspecifics, they wither away.

In order to avoid violent arguments, the animals should be socialized as young animals if possible.

If you want to keep rats of different sexes, you should have the rats castrated by the vet.

Rats demand spacious, versatile structured cages with lots of climbing and hiding places.

The animals should be given additional exercise every day – however, as with all rodents, only under supervision, as power cables and other objects are often gnawed.

Rats have a wake-rest rhythm of around two to four hours.

The activity phases of the animals are mainly in the evening and morning hours.  

So are you ready for a pet? If so, which one?!

Dorothy Boucher

Monday 11th of October 2021

Thank you for this information here, I think its important to find the right pet for you and your family. @tisonlyme143

Debbie P

Thursday 7th of October 2021

Lots of get questions and info.

Kari B

Tuesday 5th of October 2021

Such a great article to read before deciding to get a pet.

Sarah L

Tuesday 5th of October 2021

I'm glad I grew up with 2 dogs and a cat. These are all good things for people to think about when/if getting a pet.

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