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What Scissors Do Dog Groomers Use?

It is apparent that as a species, we collectively have a soft spot for our furry companions. They’re cute and funny, and we love to spoil them with love and affection. The sight of a sad dog isn’t by any means for the faint of hearts.

We go to great lengths to make our dogs feel happy and content. From treating them with their favorite treats to grooming them regularly, we take it upon ourselves to provide for them the kind of life they deserve.

Depending on their breeds, dogs can come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. However, most of them need proper grooming.

What Scissors Do Dog Groomers Use?

While there are many things that influence the final result of grooming, one of the most important ones is the type of scissors used.

What scissors do dog groomers use and why?

From rainbow shears to straight-shear scissors, this list is specifically tailored to shed some light on what type of scissors a person can use to make sure their pups are properly taken care of.

Thinning Shears

Over time, the dog’s hair will inevitably get chunkier and bulkier. If not dealt with, this would create a world of discomfort for your pups!

Dog groomers use thinning-shear scissors to get rid of the chunky hairs while providing an excellent blend for the finishing part.

Normally, thinning shears are made so that one side of the shear has the standard scissor blade while the other shear has a comb. This will immensely help with flattening the root of the hair.

If you’re not that handy with tools in general, thinning shears might be the safest option for you as you’d be able to tackle the hairs on the face with a lower risk of injuring your fluffy companion.

They are great at cutting into the chunked up mats by breaking them apart through repetitive hits on the same area. The result is often a very forgiving trim that looks quite natural.

However, it is imperative that you keep in mind that this type of scissors can create some serious damage if used incorrectly.

Pomeranian getting a hair cut

What are curved scissors used for in dog grooming

As the name indicates, these types of scissors have longer curved shears – they are best fit for larger breeds. They’re more likely to come with a rounded tip, which helps to reduce the risk of injuring your dog.

Normally, curved scissors are used on areas where you would like to leave a rounded finish. Groomers also use this for creating a rounded shape around the legs and feet area.

That cute poodle you’ve been seeing running around, flaunting its round tail has probably had a nice curved-shear grooming session.

White dog getting his mustache trimmed

Straight Scissors

This is perhaps the most used type out of the group. Some scissors weigh more than others, and some are longer than others.

If you’re not trained well, you should opt for using scissors that aren’t overly long. This way, you can make sure that if and when a mistake occurs, the risk is minimal.

Poodle getting a hair cut

What Features to Look for in a Pair of Scissors?

Now that we’ve covered the main types of scissors on the market, it’s time we listed those things you should be considering before getting your scissors of choice:

A set of grooming tools for pets

Stainless Steel

Cheap scissors come with a plastic handle. An all-around stainless steel scissor can speak for itself when it comes to sturdiness of the scissor.

Tension Adjusters

Depending on the hair’s thickness, tension adjusters might work wonders if you’re uncomfortable with the factory-set tension.


You ought to look at the size of your dog and choose your scissors sizes accordingly. Large scissors used on a small dog are a recipe for disaster waiting to be unfolded.


Remember, if the scissors are too heavy, it might be best to avoid using them. You can’t take back an inflicted injury.

However, if your dog is on the bulky side, a heavier pair could go a long way because it allows you to cut through the thick hairs much easier than when using lightweight scissors.

Miniature Schnauzer trimming


Preparation and patience are the keys to a healthy, grooming session.

If you are thinking about grooming your pet, these tips on what scissors dog groomers use and why should come in handy!

Also, remember, it is advisable to use proper washing tools and conditioners prior to any sort of grooming.

Taking care of a dirty hairy dog could prove to be a fool’s errand.

In any case, it is no secret that dogs are highly attuned to our ways of living.

They love us unconditionally, and we oftentimes go out of our way to provide them with a healthy life.

The least we can do for them is give them whatever care they need.

Why? Because they would’ve done the same for us.

Dorothy Boucher

Friday 15th of October 2021

WOW! who would have thought that a dog groomer has to use and know how to use so many different types of sciccors. @tisonlyme143

Monica McConnell

Thursday 17th of December 2020

My dog needs groomed so bad but he never hold stills

Mary Kirkland

Wednesday 16th of December 2020

That's great info. I use a pair of thinning shears for around my dogs face.


Wednesday 16th of December 2020

I never really understood what happened at the groomers. Thanks for the descriptions.

monique s

Wednesday 16th of December 2020

This is great to know. May be great to have handy for a trim inbetween groomings

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