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What To Do With Your Pets When It’s Time For Your Vacation

Going on vacation is always exciting. But, the excitement of a well-needed break and time to relax can be out shadowed with worry when you own a pet.

As a loving owner of a dog, cat or other pet, you appreciate the struggles of deciding what to do with your loved family member when you want to travel and will be away from home. 

The timescales you will be away for are irrelevant. You ultimately have 4 choices.

Hire an in-house pet sitter, entrust them with a family member or friend, use a dog boarding service or a cattery or take them with you.

Which option you opt for, however, depends on a variety of factors, such as how long you are going away for, what budget you have, how much trust you have in others to take care of them, and how well your pet will deal with their anxiety being away from you.

What To Do With Your Pets When It’s Time For Your Vacation


Hire A Pet Sitter

Using an in the house pet sitter is a wonderful way to keep your pet in their home environment.

They have all of their home comforts, food and toys.

With the majority of house sitters, they tend to visit your property numerous times per day to care for your pet. 

The additional benefit to this option is that not only is your pet carried for, but someone is keeping an eye on your home, moving your mail and giving the appearance of someone being home and the property not being vacant. 

Leave With Family

When choosing to leave them with a family member or friend there are positives and negatives to consider.

The positives are that you have a long-standing relationship with them and have a strong level of trust that your pet is in the best hands. 

However, this comes at the compromise of taking your pet out of their home environment and them staying at a different house.

Some pets are absolutely fine with this, however, some can find it unnerving being in a new environment, so it is worth getting them used to the environment beforehand where possible. 

Pomeranian in boarding facility

Pet Boarding Services

Boarding services where you are paying for your pet to stay elsewhere.

They tend to be geared towards a home away from home experience and provide owners with the confidence of your pet being left with a professional and having the attention they require. 

Happy boy and girl with their dog on the beach

Take Them With You

Depending on where you are going and the accommodation you are using, there may be the opportunity for you to take your four-legged friend with you.

Camping holidays, motor homes, some holiday homes and even some hotels are pet friendly.

You just need to carry out some research beforehand to see if they accept pets, check their terms and conditions, and if there are additional requirements needed in order to allow them to travel.

Taking your pets with you takes away the pressure of needing to find alternative care and allows all family members to be part of the vacation.


Wednesday 16th of February 2022

I have a Husky. I have to have my son come watch my house and my dog when we go on vacation.


Tuesday 15th of February 2022

This is always such an issue for dog owners! No perfect solution

Sue E

Tuesday 15th of February 2022

It is ashame that there aren’t more vacation places that won’t allow pets while vacationing! Don’t they know that our fur babies are members of our family?? I don’t want to say that all pet boarding places are bad, because of our one bad experience. I won’t do it again. I love learning them with a family member that they know or even that family member staying with us. We stop our mail service when we go out of town. Great suggestions that I shared!!

Marisela Zuniga

Tuesday 15th of February 2022

These are all great options

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