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Why Do Dogs Sleep Under Beds?

Why do dogs sleep under beds? I would like to know the answer to that to! Before I met my Lady, I never knew what a bed was! Actually, I would rather be on top of that bed than under. But, lemme tell ya this funny story!

Every night after we have our homemade dog treats, my Lady tells us it’s bedtime. That means we all move to the bedroom to pile up and sleep for the night. But, here’s the funny part!!! ‘Round here, it’s kinda like a circus for a little bit. Ya see, I have a nice plush doggie bed over in the corner that I sleep in. Each night I run on ahead of the others and jump in my bed. I have to get there first and just wait on the show between my sisters. Ya see, them big girls, big as they are, think they gotta sleep under my Lady’s bed. I mean, my goodness! Here’s Maggie a great big German Shepherd that won’t hardly fit. Then there’s Sallie, the Rottweiler mix, with her roly-poly self. They come runnin’ in there trying to see who is gettin’ there first.

Why do Dogs Sleep Under Beds

Both of them big girls have to flatten out, wiggle, squirm and carry on just to get under there! Here they are – one on each side of the bed, barking, snarlin’ and snappin’ all the way. Then, after they get under there, they continue the snarlin’ and snappin’. They actually look pretty vicious showing their teeth like that, but heck that’s all they can do. They sure can’t fight ’cause they can’t even move! WOOF!

If they knew how ridiculous it all was they would stop. I mean it is the same every night. After all the carryin’ on, they settle down and go to sleep together. I guess they think they are hid, but I got news for ’em. Half of that Maggie’s tail end is stickin’ out 🙂 Oh, and before ya ask! They both have beds and pallets, they just won’t use ’em. Not to bright if ask me!

Why Do Dogs Sleep Under Beds

So, Why Do Dogs Sleep Under Beds?

I was a readin’ up on why dogs sleep under beds. From what I can understand, it’s because they said us dogs were related to wolves and they are pack animals. Pack animals all sleep together in caves and confined dark places because they feel safe like that. Under you humanz beds, it closed off like a den and it feels safe. So, there ya go! That’s all there is to it WOOF!

Heck, I’m not scared on my pallet! I mean my Lady is right over there, what’s to be scared of? Now don’t get me wrong, I want to be in the same room – but I like my bed just fine. Maybe I’m not as close related to them wolf creatures, whatever they are, as my sisters. I do look a might different from my pack members. I gots brown and white hair, and with all these cute freckles how can I look that mean? 🙂


Monday 7th of May 2018

I really enjoy your page. One of my girls sleeps under the bed. The other sleeps with me on the bed, try as I might to keep her to her bed. I’ve spent money on beds for both of them but they like things simple.


Saturday 5th of March 2016

darius my malinous also loves sleeping under the bed.there us way to move him.


Thursday 12th of July 2012

so cute, my girls don'/t sleep under our bed but they do like their big kennel covered in a sheet to block the light from our nightlight. Guess what Molly, one of my girls is named Molly too! She is a medium size lab mix and her sister, MinSu, is a small poodle mix. They like to use each other as pillows.


Thursday 12th of July 2012

That's so cool! I use my big sister Maggie as pillow sometimes in the living room LOL! We liked our crates too! Some folks think they are bad, but they actually pretty darn cool :)

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