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3 Things You Should Look Out For When Choosing Flea Treatment For Dogs

Is your dog incessantly biting or scratching its body?  Is it whining while squirming on the floor?  If you said ‘yes’ to either question, perhaps, your furry four-legged companion has fleas. Thankfully, you can purchase a flea treatment for your pet pooch. However, it would help if you consider some essential factors before selecting the right dog flea treatment. 

3 Things You Should Look Out For When Choosing Flea Treatment For Dogs

Items In The Kit

Different dogs have different treatment needs, especially in terms of removing fleas from their furry bodies. Hence, the products in the flea treatment kit must be suitable for your fur baby.

Some of the items that should be in the kit may include:

  • Flea shampoos
  • Spot-on treatments
  • Oral prescription products
  • Flea collars
  • Foggers
  • Anti-flea sprays

But, herein lies the problem for many pet owners since several fur parents may not know what items to include in their flea treatment kits. It’s possible to alleviate this concern by letting a veterinarian handle the thinking for you.

Some flea treatment providers, such as FleaMail, have affiliated veterinarians. Contact these companies so their representatives can interview you for your pet’s specific flea-removal needs.

Consulting professional advice helps remove the guesswork involved in choosing the products in a flea treatment kit. Furthermore, the animal expert will include items that can benefit your furry friend’s health with minimal risk of harm.


Efficacy Of The Products

Don’t be afraid to ask about the efficacy of each product in the flea treatment kit. Consider the following pieces of information on the different anti-flea products that might be in the set:

  • Flea Shampoo

You’d want a flea shampoo that can kill all the fleas’ stages of life. In other words, the product should kill adult fleas and eggs that might be on your dog’s skin and fur.

Furthermore, the shampoo shouldn’t contain several harsh chemicals. Ask flea treatment providers if they supply organic flea shampoos. Otherwise, using shampoos with strong, synthetic formulas might bring additional harm to your canine’s fur and skin.

  • Spot-On Treatment

One of the determining factors to check to ensure the efficacy and safety of spot-on treatments is your dog’s age. Hence, the customer service representative should ask you the exact age of your pup. Still, you don’t have to wait for the representative to ask as you can tell them your pet’s age.

Using the wrong spot-on treatment may result in unwanted side effects. These adverse results may include bald spots and constant scratching on the offending area.

Furthermore, consider requesting a spot-on treatment that can remove other pests from your pet. Some of these products may only eliminate fleas. However, opt to use treatments that may also remove parasites, like ticks and bed bugs.

  • Flea Collar

Flea prevention might be more important than eliminating these pesky creatures from your dog’s body. Therefore, your flea treatment kit should have the right flea collar for your fur baby.

Note that you can find three primary flea collar types on the market: pesticide, repellent, and ultrasonic. Pesticide collars kill fleas on your dog while repelling other pests from taking residence. On the other hand, repellent collars emit gases that harm fleas in the vicinity of your pet. Last, ultrasonic flea collars emit high-frequency sounds to keep fleas and other pesky creatures away.

You can also ask about the specific products and their brands in the flea treatment kit. Acquiring these pieces of information allows you to do further research on these items. Hence, you can check online reviews from other users to see if these items are ideal solutions for your dog’s flea problem.

Your Dog’s Specifics

Aside from knowing the specific products in the flea treatment kit, don’t forget to give the provider essential information to give you the right pet care set. Some of the information that the customer service representative might need you to provide is your dog’s:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Lifestyle
  • Personality

The data you provide will ensure that your pet pooch will get the kit’s correct flea treatment products.

Furthermore, don’t hide or fudge the truth when asked about certain questions regarding your pooch. For example, the representative might ask if your pet is currently under medication. If you said ‘no,’ even though your dog is currently taking other medicines, some anti-flea products might adversely interact with these medications.

In other words, if you hide the truth from the flea treatment provider, you might put your canine companion in serious health risks.

Final Words

Choose the correct flea treatment option for your dog. The right set of products should help eliminate and prevent fleas and other pests from latching onto your pet’s fur and skin. Thus, remember to check the efficacy of the products in the kit. Also, don’t forget to supply providers with the correct information about your dog to avoid harmful side effects. Follow this guide, and your furry four-legged friend should be devoid of fleas, ticks, and other pesky creatures.

Renee T

Thursday 8th of October 2020

Good resource for keeping out fur family safe. Thanks for sharing.

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