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4 Ways to Help Your Dog Live More Naturally

If you’re like many pet owners, then your dog is a member of the family. You treat your dog with the same love and respect that you treat other people, which is why you probably want your dog to live as long as possible. Aside from feeding your dog foods that are high in protein and making sure your dog gets plenty of rest and water during the day, here are a few ways that you can help your dog live longer naturally.

4 Ways to Help Your Dog Live More Naturally

Examine the Chemicals

Just like you don’t want certain chemicals entering your body, you need to monitor the chemicals that enter your dog’s body as well.

Try to use as many natural products as possible, such as natural shampoos and flea treatments as well as treats and foods that are made with natural ingredients.

This will help reduce the number of toxins that are unhealthy for your dog that enter the body.

Serve Natural Foods

Instead of the processed foods that list a lot of grains as the first ingredients, give your dog natural foods that have high amounts of protein and vegetables.

Soy, wheat, and animal fats are not good for your dog to consume, so you need to avoid them when possible.

At times, a raw diet might be a good option, but you need to ensure that you’re not giving your dog too much protein at one time because it could lead to weight gain that is hard to get off.

Offer Plenty of Exercise

Your dog doesn’t need to sit inside the house all the time.

Keep the cardiovascular system active and the muscles strong by taking your dog out for walks or playing with your dog with balls and other toys.

A life that includes activity will also be beneficial for your dog’s demeanor because your furry friend will know that someone is there to play with and provide care.

Consider CBD Oils

One of the things that you can give your dog to help him naturally live longer is CBD oil.

Products from companies, like Koi CBD, that provide such oils are completely natural.

You can even find some that have no added ingredients or that don’t have THC (the legal use of THC depends on the state you live in).

This is a good idea because the oils could decrease the risk of your dog developing cancer and can help with inflammation in the body.

Making sure your dog lives as long as possible is one of your priorities if you have a pet.

Pay attention to how your dog acts as this can often give you an indication as to what he’s missing in his daily life.

Provide love and support for your dog no matter how old he gets.


Wednesday 26th of September 2018

This is really good and wholesome article. Thank you for sharing. I'll keep this in mind when I get a puppy soon.


Thursday 8th of March 2018

Natural is a good choice to go, for the overall wellbeing of your dog.

Kami Sundstrom

Saturday 24th of February 2018

Thanks for the tips! I am a first time dog mom and am looking for all the advice I can get. Live your blog page?

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