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911 HELP NOW gives me Peace of Mind When Out with my Dogs

I know what what’s runnin’ through y’alls minds! But, just hang with us a bit and check this out! It really is a nifty device that is there for my Lady in case she needs it. After all, there is only so much us pups can do to help her WOOF!  Ya see, she has some kind of condition that makes her all swimmy headed and it don’t always turn out so good. I’ll wait and let her tell ya that part, but I sure am glad she’s got some backup from her new 911 HELP NOW device!


After all, I’m just a dog and can only do so much. So, when things happened, I’m happy to know that 911 HELP NOW can get her the right kind of help here fast! For me, and the rest of the pack, our Lady is our world! We wouldn’t know what to do without her! Lemme fetch my Lady to tell ya ’bout this nifty device and how it works!

Here’s what my Lady says about the 911 HELP NOW Device…

I am going to echo Miss Molly’s words and say hang with us a bit! I really would love for you to hear our story. First of all, I am not a senior. I am pushing it, but not there quite yet – please don’t try and push me over the edge quite yet 🙂 However, in middle age and without any prior health problems, my heart suddenly stopped beating. It stopped for over 10 seconds, and was happening on multiple occasions, according to a heart monitor. When my heart would stop, I would of course pass out. It was a bit of craziness to be sure! The doctors cannot explain the cause or the why it started happening, so there you are.

What did happen, after a LONG drawn out search for answers, was a brain shunt was placed for fluid found on the brain, a pacemaker to keep the heart going, and 4 different heart medications to keep blood pressure and rhytms leveled out. It sounds complicated, I know. But, to make a long story short, there was something shorting out between the brain and the heart. Getting the cardiologist and the neurosurgeon to decide who was going first on the surgeries was another story! Neither wanted to attempt it because of the complications of the other. It was crazy!

In the end, both surgeries happened. What it bought me more was time, or warning, and a way to keep my heart beating! It is certainly a strange thing when you need to question if your heart will keep beating. All kinds of things run through your mind! However, now, when the dizziness hits – the pacemaker, shunt, and medications have bought me precious time to lie down and get safe. Before this, I had suffered broken bones and stitches – just from hitting things on the way down from passing out. Still yet, if I do not get where I can lie down when the dizziness hits, I will pass out, and accidents happen. Anyway, that is the story in a nutshell and why I need a medical alert like 911 HELP NOW.

911 HELP NOW - what is included in the box

What’s Included in the Box?

You get everything you need in order to activate and use the device, including:

  • The 911 HELP NOW Device
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • Break-way Lanyard
  • Belt Clip
  • Protective Cover
  • Complete instructions on activation

911 HELP NOW - how to set-up

Set up and Activation of your 911 HELP NOW Device is Easy!

With only a few steps and about 5 mins, you are on your way to having an activated device! Simply follow the steps in your instruction book.

  • Install the batteries
  • Press the battery check button to make sure it is working. The LED light will be green if the device is working. If not, check to make sure batteries are installed correctly. If light is red, the batteries are low and should be replaced.
  • Call your local non-emergency dispatch to get approval for placing a test call to the 911 service. Once approved, simply press and hold the button with the cross on it. Wait for the 911 operator to respond and let them know you are checking your emergency device and it is not an actual emergency.

That’s it! You are done! Easy and painless, right?!

Two Ways to Wear the 911 HELP NOW Device

911 HELP NOW gives me Peace of Mind When Out with my Dogs

Clip the 911 HELP NOW Device on your belt or pocket!

With 7 dogs in my home that I love with all my heart (they are my world), you can only imagine the energy, excitement, and exercise needs! Even though they need to go for exercise, I cannot afford to get to far from help – even in my own back yard. I love my furbabies to death, but I know in that kind of emergency, they cannot help me!

I love that the 911 HELP NOW will clip onto my side. It clips on like a pager and I can have it with me wherever I go!

911 HELP NOW gives me Peace of Mind When Out with my Dogs

My Velcro dog, Ozzy, is ALWAYS by my side. He is on my heels, whether inside or out and seems to have pronounced himself my protector. While all the dogs love going for long walks, he sticks by my side like glue when I am outside the house – well, make that inside too 🙂 I have often called him my Hero dog and he truly is. He seems to have a second sense of when he is needed.

German Shepherd Lab Mixes in Swimming Pool

However, he does like to have fun with his brothers and sisters. He loves a dip in the doggie pool with Brandi to cool off, while I wait by their side.

German Shepherd, German Shepherd Lab Mixes, and Australian Shepherd waiting on treat

When I need to rest, they are all on the porch with me and waiting for an afternoon treat!

911 HELP NOW gives me Peace of Mind When Out with my Dogs

You Can Wear the 911 HELP NOW Around the Neck!

If I don’t want to clip the 911 HELP NOW device to my side, I can also wear it around my neck. Honestly, I hardly ever do this because in my pups excitement, they will jump and get their legs tangled in it and rip it off. I have learned the hard way that excited dogs and necklaces do not get along!

911 HELP NOW gives me Peace of Mind When Out with my Dogs

After a day of exercise and running, the pups are tired and ready for a nap. Little Bit is begging for lap time and telling me it is time to go in. And, yes, the pups have a regular nap time 🙂 Call me crazy, but with the amount of dogs I have, I have to keep a routine! It works for us.

It doesn’t matter if I am inside or outside, I know I have the protection of the 911 HELP NOW. I am the world’s worst about letting my phone battery run down and I don’t always have pockets to carry a cell phone in! But, with the 911 HELP NOW device, I don’t have to worry! I have instant access to a live person that can get me the help I need! And, the device itself has a button that lets me know when the batteries are running low – in case you are wondering!

911 HELP NOW gives me Peace of Mind When Out with my Dogs

My Lady is good! I’ve got my eye on her, AND YOU! Plus, she has 911 HELP NOW! No need to worry!

The 911 Help Now Device features:

  • One Button to Call 911 Direct
  • Standard AAA batteries
  • Accidental Call Cancel Button
  • One Year Battery Life
  • 2-way voice connection
  • Break-away lanyard included
  • Belt clip included
  • Protective button cover included
  • Splash resistant & durable

Why I Love the 911 HELP NOW

I am home alone for hours on end and I have 7 very loved furbabies here with me. I know my “Velcro babies” would gladly give their life for me, or do whatever is necessary to help me if need be. However, there are some things that are out of their reach. Even my hero dog, Ozzy, as good as he is at comforting and protecting me, cannot get the necessary medical help I need in case of emergency. However, smart as he is – I may be able to train him to press the button?

I love that the 911 HELP NOW only has a ONE-TIME FEE! Yep! You read that correctly! There are NO MONTHLY CHARGES like there are with other devices! All you have to do is get the advice and you can be protected around the clock from then on with just the push of a button! This includes medical, fire, burglaries and other emergencies! How amazing is that?! It’s great for people like me with medical conditions that simply want to go out for walks and enjoy their dogs. It would also be extremely useful for all seniors!

Visit 911 HELP NOW for more information and to get yours today! If not for yourself, what a great gift of help it would make for family members and friends that may need the assurance of one-touch help!


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Michelle L

Tuesday 25th of April 2017

This is great. Thanks for sharing

Renee Rousseau

Wednesday 19th of April 2017

I really like this device. It would be great to have in the car in the if you are in an accident and your cell phone goes flying you can still reach help!

sue quackenbush

Wednesday 19th of April 2017

We lost our beloved James in February when my husband was rushed to the hospital. He spent the night in doggy jail and is now back home safe with his grandpa. We need a 911 HELP NOW Device as our James in our whole world!


Wednesday 19th of April 2017

I like the one time fee too & this device would be great for my parents.

Daniel Scott

Wednesday 19th of April 2017

I will be looking into this for my elderly father because he lives alone.

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