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When to Start Puppy Obedience Training

Puppies are cute, loveable, and just plain fun to play with! It is an exciting time for any family when they get a new pup!

Believe me! We’ve had a lot of these exciting times here as you can tell!

Many new dog owners wonder when to start puppy obedience training

While every dog is different, there are some things to watch for so you can tell when your new best friend is ready.

When to Start Puppy Obedience Training

When to Start Puppy Obedience Training

Puppy obedience training should be started as soon as the dog is ready. 

One of the best ways to tell that he is ready to start being trained is that he starts getting excited when you offer a treat.

This is usually at a fairly young age and is a great time to start teaching simple tricks such as sit and lay down.

What Age is Appropriate for Training?

Most dogs are ready to begin basic obedience training at about 8 weeks of age.

Of course, at this age, it should be only very simple and easy commands.

They should always be done with lots of praise and petting for even small successes.

At this age, it is also important to stay focused on one or two tricks at a time.

You don’t want your puppy to get overwhelmed.

Most dog owners will start with sit and lay down or something similar.

I like to start with sit, lay down, and shake hands.

Small black and white puppy being given a treat

Make Training Fun!

Puppies should enjoy obedience training.

Training sessions should be a very positive experience where they receive lots of treats and affection.

Puppies don’t have very long attention spans, so doing frequent training sessions that only last a few minutes at a time is the best way to go about it and get the results you want.

As your puppy masters one trick and gets a little older you can keep adding more and more to the list of things he can do.

Just remember – keep going back and practicing everything he learns so he doesn’t forget them.

Teaching puppy tricks is a great way to play with them and get them used to taking commands, which is an important part of every dog’s training.

Your new best friend will learn in no time, with patience and love from you!

After all, puppies love to please their humans and are much better behaved when they have some training!

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