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Beat Fleas on Dogs Once and For All

Warm weather is here and with it come the dreaded fleas! Fleas are one of the most problematic issues for all dog owners and they are both harmful to dogs and annoying to people. So, how can you protect and prevent fleas from settling down in your pup’s coat? Here are a few tips that can help you fight these pests and beat them once and for all!

Beat Fleas on Dogs Once and For All

Beat Fleas on Dogs Once and For All

Identify the itch

The first thing you must do is to identify the cause of the itch. Don’t start flea treatment for your dog if you’re not sure your pup is infested with these little critters. However, identifying them is quite easy, since they can be seen jumping and darting on the surface of the skin and coat. Look for them in the dark and furry areas like the belly and inner thighs and you’ll surely spot them if your dog is infested. If you don’t see them, your pup might be suffering from another ailment like Demodex.

Flea collars

Many people who want long-lasting flea protection opt for collars. These comfortable and odorless collars offer flea AND tick protection that lasts up to 8 months. Products like Seresto flea and tick collar is made with two powerful active ingredients that kill fleas and ticks on contact. This means your dog will not suffer any bites so there won’t be a risk of any diseases these pets transmit!

Natural solutions

If you don’t want any toxins near your dog, you can try a more natural way to remove fleas. There are several shampoos on the market that can be quite effective. However, if you have a pup that’s not a fan of water and is not thrilled by the idea of being still while getting lathered up for ten minutes, this might not be for you. On the other hand, water-loving dogs will have no problems with this treatment. After the shampoo sinks in, give your pup a bath and remove dead fleas with a comb!

Spot-on treatment and pills

Even though there is no instant and completely discomfort-free way to kill fleas, spot-on solutions work quickly. In the next few days following the treatment, most fleas and eggs will die (depending on the treatment). There is also an effective flea treatment for dogs in the shape of chewable treats. These work even faster and kill all fleas within a few hours from ingesting. Plus, most of these pills taste great and dogs see them as treats, unlike spot-on treatments that some dogs dislike.

Flea sprays

Another solution for your flea problem is flea sprays. They kill both adult fleas and their eggs and you can use them on your pet’s bedding and shelter as well. However, some of these sprays aren’t very effective and can contain some dangerous chemicals. But if you choose the right type, you’ll offer your dog a great flea relief and make them smell quite pleasant, too!

Beat Fleas on Dogs Once and For All

Don’t forget to treat your dog’s environment

No matter how much trouble you go into to clear your pup from fleas, it will all be for nothing if its environment is still full of these pests. So, make sure to regularly clean your dog’s bedding, crate and toys and keep your outdoor space flea-free. Insecticidal sprays are quite effective in killing adult fleas, but they don’t really target eggs or larvae. However, insect growth regulators do, and they prevent the baby flea from ever becoming an adult. Treat the areas frequented by your pet and you’ll see pretty good results. Additionally, try to keep your yard neatly trimmed and water your lawn to wash away larvae.

If you employ these flea-killing techniques and conduct regular prevention, you’ll keep your dog free of these annoying pests and provide it with a happy and healthy life!

Cindy S.

Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

Thanks for explaining the various options. With two dogs in the house, we need this info!

Bonnie Lee

Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

Great tips! I always try to make sure, when the weather gets warmer, that I treat my pets with flea and tick medication.

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