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The Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Pet

If you’re planning on getting a new pet, you have a lot of options. You could get them from a breeder, pet store, shelter, or direct from their current owner! But which option is best, for you and your new pet? In most cases, the answer is a shelter! Let’s take a look at The Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Pet!

The Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Pet

The Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Pet

1. Selection

One of the best benefits of adopting a shelter pet is that you have tons of pets to choose from!

There are so many shelters in every state, that no matter what type of dog or cat you’re looking for, you’re sure to find many potential adoption candidates, in all sizes, colors, and ages!

A lot of people think that the only kinds of pets you can find in shelters are mutts, mixed breeds, and “normal” breeds (like Labrador Retrievers).

But the truth is that a lot of “exotic” breeds also wind up in shelters, breeds you might not be able to find at local breeders!

Take a look on Petfinder and you’ll probably be surprised how many breeds are looking for adoption near you!

2. Health

A great plus of getting a shelter pet is that the pet will have been thoroughly examined by the shelter’s veterinarian before being put up for adoption.

This is better than buying a pet off of Craigslist, where the owner could easily lie about the pet’s health, or a pet store where the pet may be the result of bad breeding.

And despite common beliefs, shelter pets are usually just as healthy as breeder pets!

After all, a fancy pedigree can’t prevent a dog from developing health issues.

3. Temperament

Shelter pets go through temperament tests before adoption.

So unlike a pet store or Craigslist pet, you’ll know what kind of pet you’re adopting.

If you’re looking for a high energy dog to play with your kids, shelter staff can point out the right ones to you.

And if you’re looking for a cuddly kitty, they can tell you which cats are the most affectionate.

4. Cost

One of the most obvious benefits of adopting a shelter pet is cost.

Breeder pets can be expensive, like thousands of dollars expensive.

In contrast, shelter pets usually only cost a few hundred, or even less!

And unlike a pet store or Craigslist pet, it’s less likely that major health issues will skyrocket the cost of your pet purchase in the future.

5. Saving Lives

If you get a pet from a pet store, breeder, or from someone online, you’re not saving a life.

Those dogs and cats were going to stay in those places until they found new homes, no matter how long that took.

Even worse, buying a pet from a pet store or Craigslist could add to the pet overpopulation problem by funding puppy farms!

You could even be paying for a pet that’s been stolen!

One of the best benefits of adopting a shelter pet is that not only are you saving the life of the pet you take home, but you’re also allowing the shelter to have the money and space to save another pet’s life.

So you’re essentially saving two lives!

If you’re planning to get a pet, see if any of your local pet shelters will be holding special sales or adoption events on that day!

Have you ever adopted a shelter pet?

Lauryn R

Friday 25th of October 2019

There are so many benefits to adopting a shelter pet! I have done this more than once in my life and they were the best pets we have ever had. :)


Thursday 18th of July 2019

We got Oscar from the Humane Society where he had been returned TWICE. He was very destructive when we first got him, but he's mostly better now. He only gets destructive when he's bored. I've never really regretted the adoption and I'm glad we were able to give the poor baby a forever home.


Saturday 1st of September 2018

we adopted our dog just a week ago exactly because of all those reasons you've mentioned

Dana Rodriguez

Tuesday 20th of March 2018

I prefer adopting pets myself. We recently adopted a kitten.

Raymond Westphal

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

We only adopt rescues

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