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Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs: A Drug Free Solution for Anxiety!

Most of the time, summer is fun for us pups. But, we have spells when it is too hot to play outside much. Other than that, it is howlin’ fun time! We spend our time playin’ our favorite games of chase and fetch. And, a couple of my brothers and sisters like to play in the water. I’m not fond of gettin’ wet, but they like it! On the downside, summer brings them scary afternoon storms! My Lady says it’s cause of the heat. I don’t like all that rumblin’ noise and cracks of lightenin’! It creates a boat load of doggie anxiety up in here! We all go to pantin’, pacin’, whinin’ and lookin’ for a place to hide! But guess what! My Lady got us one of those Calmz Anxiety Relief System for dogs to try out! WOOF!  

Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs

My Lady has been tryin’ it on Ozzy, Brandi and Maggie first. She says I’ll get a turn soon.

So far, she is likin’ it and I got to say the pups look purdy darn comfortable getting massaged and listening to music.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait for my turn WOOF!

Let me go get my Lady to tell ya ’bout it!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs

It’s no secret that several of my dogs have severe anxiety during storms and fireworks.

It’s odd when you think about it. None of them have ever been harmed in any way during a storm or from any kind of loud noise.

However, a thunderstorm or firecrackers popping can terrify ALL of them!

And then there is Maggie!

Maggie has her own turmoil going on.

Storms, loud noises, strange people, etc.

You may even remember the story of her running away because of the loud yard equipment from a storm cleanup!

Calmz Anxiety Relief System uses NeuroSync Technology™

It is heartbreaking to watch our furry friends suffering from anxiety.

I have a few dogs that suffer anxiety when it storms and loud noises.

They pace, pant, whine, and hide!

I don’t like giving my pups medication and prefer to go a more natural route when I can.

When I heard of the Calmz Anxiety Relief System for dogs that uses NeuroSync Technology™, and how it helped the lovable lab Miles, you can bet I wanted to try it for my furbabies too!

Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs

How does the Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs?

The Calmz Anxiety Relief System for dogs has been proven to reduce anxiety in certain animals when used properly, so I was anxious to give it a try for my pups!

The Calmz system is comprised of a wearable vest and the controlling device.

The device is battery-operated (requires 3 AAA batteries, which are included) and has multiple settings that utilize NeuroSync Technology™.

The Calmz unit delivers a blend of soothing music, tones and vibrational therapy that the animal can hear and feel. 

You can hear the tones if you hold it up to your ear, but just being in the room it isn’t noticeable. 

The vest is fully adjustable and fits snugly on your dog.

It is comfortable and actually resembles a walking harness. However, the Calmz Anxiety Relief System vest has a special pouch where the controlling unit is stored on top of your dog’s spine and acupressure points.

Please note that the vest cannot be used as a walking harness!

Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs

How to use the Calmz Anxiety Relief System for dogs

The Calmz unit has eight pre-programmed settings.

This allows you to change the intensity of the vibrations and the time it remains on. 

The briefest is a 6-minute therapy with no repeat.

The longest setting is 18 minutes of therapy followed by 102 minutes of rest time, repeated for an 8-hour session.

german shepherd lab mix with Calms Anxiety Relief System

Prepping Your Dog

Getting your dog used to the Calmz Anxiety Relief System can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Since my dogs were accustomed to wearing a vest-type harness, this step was easy-peasy!

However, when I turned the unit on there was a bit of – ‘what is that?’ ‘where is it coming from’ type of thing.

I just started slow and worked up from there.

It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Before I tell you how the pups did with the Calmz …

Check out this short clip explaining how to use the Calmz Anxiety Relief System:

NOW! The Ultimate Question!

Does the Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs Work?

I want to share a few of my pup’s stories with you.

I have BIG brutes when it comes to dogs, but loud noises can reduce them to quivering, shaking, and running for cover!

It is very heartbreaking to watch them suffer from anxiety symptoms!

Ozzy’s Story

Ozzy is one of my little formula-fed furbabies and it is no secret that he is attached to me at the hip.

However, at almost 4 years old, he has came into his own with personality and protection mode!

He is the largest of the pack at a whopping 125 lbs.!

He is always first in line as the protector against perceived dangers!

That is until he hears thunder or loud booming sounds! Loud unexplained noises send him into a tailspin and running for Mom!

Ozzy tolerates short-lived loud noises and can shake them off if he doesn’t hear them again. However, with loud rolling thunderstorms, Ozzy will pace, and pace, and pace!

He pants and drools and will even whimper.

The big boy will paw me to death trying to crawl in my lap – all 125 lbs., long legs and all!

When holding him, I can actually feel him shaking and quivering.

It is heartbreaking to see him so scared and I am helpless to do anything about it!

german shepherd lab mix with Calms Anxiety Relief System

Ozzy accepted the vest and the vibration easily!

He just stood there and took it in. Kind of like a human getting a nice back rub and saying aaaahhhhh!

Who is going to resist a calming back rub?

Ozzy’s training to wear it went very well and we were able to advance quickly through the steps.

We had just made it through adding in the vibrations and tones when an afternoon thunderstorm came through.

We were also having blips in the power, which also freaks him out.

When the power goes out he goes into a whole new level of anxiousness! However, he seemed calmer (wasn’t pacing and panting) and was tolerating it better than usual. 

I won’t say that he was completely chill, but it was definitely a start.

It was, after all, the first time he had worn the Calmz unit while facing his biggest fear!

Overall, I was pleased with his progress!

Brandi’s Story

Brandi is Ozzy’s twin sister. I know they don’t look alike.

Ozzy took after his lab mother and Brandi looks like her German Shepherd daddy.

What they do share, is their fear of storms and loud noises!

german shepherd lab mix with Calms Anxiety Relief System

As Ozzy had done, Brandi accepted the vest and the vibrations without any hesitation.

She progressed very quickly, even quicker than Ozzy had!

I actually think she likes wearing it!

If she sees me with it, she will come running to me wanting it on!

german shepherd lab mix with Calms Anxiety Relief System

Brandi got her chance to give it a whirl in a thunderstorm not long behind Ozzy.

During summer and our oppressive heat, we have pop-up afternoon thunderstorms several times a week.

She did VERY well with it!

Even the hubs remarked on how much she enjoyed wearing it and how much calmer she seemed!

Maggie’s Story

I was so impressed with Ozzy and Brandi’s progress that I just had to try it for Maggie too!

Maggie is my beautiful German Shepherd. I have had Maggie since she was 8 weeks old and I know she has never been through any bad experiences.

However, she has always been EXTREMELY skittish!

While she is very territorial and protective, when it comes to thunder, gunshots, firecrackers – ANYTHING that makes loud noises, she goes a bit wild!

In the house, she will try and get under the bed, in a closet, or in the bathtub.

She whimpers, shakes, pants and paces.

Outside, she freaks out PERIOD – hence the story of her running off to get away from the loud noise of the chainsaws and yard equipment!

German Shepherd dog with Calmz Anxiety Relief System

Unlike Ozzy and Brandi, that took to it right off, Maggie needed extra time to acclimate to it.

While the vest presented no problem, the vibrations were another story.

I was figuring on that, so I started slow and followed all the steps in their video.

Maggie took longer to accept the vibrations and music than Ozzy and Brandi, but we eventually made progress by staying at a slow steady progression over several days.

German Shepherd dog falling asleep with Calmz Anxiety Relief System

We eventually made enough progress that she was comfortable wearing it.

When it started raining one afternoon, Maggie was already getting worked up.

She doesn’t like the sound of heavy rain either!

So, I placed the vest on her and turned on the unit, and just allowed her to chill with it.

She relaxed on my office floor and was dozing off! YES!

She was DOZING OFF – just chilling to the relaxing massage and soothing tones of the music!

German Shepherd dog with Calmz Anxiety Relief System

Eventually, she rested her head and took a nap.

I believe the Calmz Anxiety Relief System was helping her relax enough to sleep instead of her usual pacing, panting, and whining.

I haven’t had enough time to try it on Maggie when faced with a thunderstorm, but I have high hopes!

It definitely chilled her out during the heavy rainstorm, so…here’s hoping!

Our Final Thoughts on the Calmz Anxiety Relief System

Ok, so here is where I would like to say that I have tried other ‘vest’ type treatments.

However, the difference with the Calmz system is that it incorporates a gentle massage technique and soothing classical music!

While the other treatments do help to some degree, we still have issues when using them. Ozzy, Brandi, and Maggie have definitely responded well to the Calmz Anxiety Relief System!

Now, whether they are partial to the gentle message or they love classical music – I don’t know.

What I do know, is it definitely relaxes them!

Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs
german shepherd lab mix with Calms Anxiety Relief System

The Calmz Anxiety Relief System for dogs is a unique concept that incorporates the comforting pressure technique with gentle massage and soothing classical music.

Simply brilliant! It is simple to use.

Depending on your dog, you may have to spend a bit of time acclimating them to it.

As I told you, Ozzy and Brandi took to it right away. However, with Maggie, I had to work through it slowly.

I love that it is natural relief for dogs with anxiety! No medications! Just a simple device!

I need to invest in a few more of the Calmz Anxiety Relief System units!

Obviously, all of the pups cannot use this one at the same time and now that I have seen what it can do, I am ready for one each!

So far, the afternoon thunderstorms we have had have been short-lived and not severe.

With the short pop-up thundershowers, the Calmz Anxiety Relief System worked to relax my pups.

However, I have not had enough time with the system to try it during a severe storm that lasts a lengthy time.

However, the results from the afternoon thundershowers make it an encouraging and promising solution!

I am also not saying that it will work for all dogs, but it is definitely worth a shot to give your pup relief!

If you have a dog with anxiety issues from thunder, loud noises, vet visits, etc., I recommend you give the Calmz Anxiety Relief System a try!

Seriously! A relaxing massage! Nice soothing musical tones! NO MEDICATIONS! Who wouldn’t love it?!

You can find the Calmz Anxiety Relief System online by visiting the Calmz website.

Visit with Calmz socially

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Holly Thomas

Friday 9th of September 2016

My sister's dog suffers from severe anxiety, I will tell her about this.

Sandra Watts

Thursday 4th of August 2016

I wish I had this for my dog. I think it would have been really beneficial for him.

Kim Dalessandro

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016

My dog is terrified of storms. This would be a great natural solution. I don't want to give him medication.

Marti Tabora

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016

I definitely need this for my dogs. The entire month of July is like torture for them. People in my neighborhood seem to do fireworks for the entire month and my poor dogs are terribly afraid.

Mary W

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

I have Border Collie litter mate rescues that could be twins with your two. We live in the lightning capital of the world so storms and noise occur often. This vest idea wold be a good thing for us to try to see if it would help with the freak outs.

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