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CBD Oil for Dogs: Keep Your Anxious Pet Calm

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. It has been used for medical purposes due to its anti-psychoactive properties and is popularly known for treatment of many common ailments.

Better known as CBD is used for relief of pain and other symptoms, like anxiety and depression, without users experiencing mind altering effects. This oil is produced by extracting cannabidoil in a cannabis plant and diluting it in carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. It is commonly made available in tincture form and is intended to be used in simple ways. Aside from pain, anxiety and depression, It also helps greatly in epilepsy, treatment of acne, inflammation, and others. It can also kill cancer causing symptoms.

CBD oil may be gaining its popularity with people, but it is not confined to human use alone. It is also found to be of help to dogs. Learn more about it, click here.

CBD Oil for Dogs: Keep Your Anxious Pet Calm

How Does It Help Dogs?

CBD helps dogs in combatting inflammation, prevents nausea; it stimulates appetite and has anti-anxiety impact. It also helps with arthritis pain and gastro-intestinal issues among others. It can help in managing pain, especially with neuropathic pain, and it helps control seizures.

Aside from what has been mentioned, the oil has a calming and sedating effects that can help dogs (and cats) cope with stress and anxiety. Sudden loud noise releases adrenaline and stress hormones in dogs, when this happens their instincts tell them to run. This is the reason why there will be cases of lost dogs after New Year and Fourth of July.

It gives a calming effect to dogs without causing them harm. It doesn’t damage the dog’s kidneys or liver or GI tract.

Apart from its calming and sedative benefits, it also helps support a healthy dog heart. It helps heal the blood vessels that are damaged; it makes irregular heart rates more regular; and it induces vasorelaxation.

It also supports nausea and boosts overall wellness. Dogs undergoing radiation and chemotherapy experience loss of appetite and nausea. It can help in this aspect; it can help reduce nausea.

CBD also helps remedy allergies. Read more about its effects with allergies, visit

The calming effect also is great with dogs when they have to travel. Some dogs get too anxious in running vehicles, and even to the extent of them getting traumatized due to constant moving from one place to another. With this oil your pets will not have to endure all these.

CBD Oil for Dogs: Keep Your Anxious Pet Calm

How Is Cannabis Oil Administered to Dogs?

CBD is usually administered to dogs orally. This oil comes in the form of tinctures so the oil can easily be administered with the use of a dropper. 

Ideally, this should be administered with the correct dosage. However, there has been no dosage guidelines associated with CBD oil for dogs yet. Hence, the best option is for pet owners to consult and seek advice from expert veterinarians who has had experience in treating dogs with CBD oil. Moreover, this site would be ideal to visit if you are searching for the best cbd oil for dogs.

If you give CBD to your dogs, do them a favor and observe their reaction to it. Dogs cannot complain as much as humans do so watch for positive or negative reactions.  For example, if you need to give this to your dog before a firework display observe him 20 minutes after administering the oil. If you find him lying down comfortably and relaxed when the loud noise starts instead of cowering under the table of wherever, then perhaps the oil was effective.

Of if your dog is experiencing arthritis and this has caused him difficulty in moving, after a few days of administering the oil, observe it there are changes. If your dog begins to walk, jump, run, and starts to play again with you, it means it worked well.

But if after giving him CDB and you happen to see your dog excessively panting, drooling, dribbling urine, loss of balance, or worse he is vomiting, then immediately take him to a veterinarian. Your dog may have had too much of it or experiencing some toxic effects.

Choosing a Product

CBD oil is available almost everywhere. Since FDA does not regulate it for now, there are many of these products out in the market today. It would be a good thing to check the Internet and look for an analysis on a product you are planning to purchase; see if there are any evidences of testing. 

It is best to research about a brand before you make the purchase or consult a veterinarian before you purchase anything.

Molli Taylor

Thursday 17th of March 2022

CBD oil has worked wonders for my two small and anxious dogs!

Molli Taylor

Tuesday 15th of February 2022

i am so glad cbd is being normalized for both pets and people.

Rochelle Haynes

Sunday 20th of October 2019

This is nice to know looking good

Sandy Klocinski

Thursday 3rd of October 2019

My little Chihuahua gets stressed easily and it would be awesome if this helped. He has such a sweet personality when he is relaxed. Thanks for sharing

Debbie P

Tuesday 1st of October 2019

I have been giving this to my dog foe a while now and he is calmer and all around seems happier.

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