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Crown & Paw Pet Portraits Make the Perfect Unique Gift

I’m sure y’all remember Seager, my older brother. He sure is gettin’ on up there in years. And, seein’ as to how he has lived a long time, he sure has some interestin’ stories to tell. He has always told us younger pups ’bout his days of bein’ a General. We would listen in amazement to his tales but we secretly wondered if it was true. Well, low and behold, he got himself a custom pet portrait from Crown & Paw, and by golly, he really was a General. He’s got proof WOOF

Crown & Paw Pet Portraits Make the Perfect Unique Gift

Another little secret ’bout Seager is he is the favorite of our fur Dad.

I know pet parents don’t pick favorites, but Seager and our fur Dad have an extra special connection.

That’s ok, cause the rest of us are my Lady’s favorites WOOF!

But, to make a long story short, we decided Seager’s nifty portrait from Crown & Paw would make a pawsome Father’s Day gift!

Besides, you can also turn the dog portrait into custom hard or soft enamel pins. This is a great way to always have your furry friend with you. Custom dog pins can be made to look exactly like your pet at GS-JJ.

I have no idea how pet portraits work. Like, did Seager really go and sit while they painted his picture?

Somehow, I doubt it as he ain’t one to sit that still all gussied up in a uniform WOOF!

Seein’ as to how I know nothin’ about it, lemme fetch my Lady to tell ya more about Crown & Paw custom pet portraits.

Here’s what my Lady says about Crown & Paw Custom Pet Portraits!

If you love your pets and are obsessive about them as we are, then Crown & Paw is a place you need to know about!

Crown & Paw curates authentic 19th-century portraits and rare Renaissance-era oil paintings and combines them with pets of all shapes and sizes.

Crown & Paw takes your regular photo and turns it into a fun and amazing custom pet portrait!

Their beautiful canvases are printed to the highest quality and handcrafted with sturdy, hardwood frames.

Crown & Paw Pet Portraits Make the Perfect Unique Gift
That’s really me ain’t it Mom?

Seager is still amazed at his custom portrait. But, shoosh!

We won’t tell the rest of the pack that Seager “really” wasn’t a General 🙂

We will let them keep thinking that.

After all, he is a senior dog now and deserves to have one up on the younger ones!

While we chose The General for Seager’s pet portrait they offer a wide array of choices such as the Admiral, the Ambassador, the Veteran, the Colonel, and so many more!

They also offer selections for male, female, and multi-pet portraits.

There are literally so many choices I had a hard time deciding!

Crown & Paw Hanging Hooks back of canvas

Crown & Paw Custom Portrait features:

  • Hooks already attached for quick and easy hanging
  • Inks are of high quality, no fading, your pet art will last forever
  • Gallery standard 1.25″ wooden frame
  • Backed by our Crown & Paw guarantee

Their artists do a fabulous job of designing your custom pet artwork using love, care, and attention.

They are able to capture your pet’s unique personality and facial expression for a one-of-a-kind work of art!

It arrives completely ready to hang and show off in your home.

How Does Ordering from Crown & Paw Work?

Crown & Paw Seager

We sent them this picture of Seager and from there they turned it into an awesome masterpiece!

Can you tell that it is the same image?

Ordering is super easy! Just follow the simple steps below.  

  • Pick your portrait style and size
  • Upload your pet photo using our easy upload button
  • Place your order
  • That’s all there is to it. They will do the rest!
  • Your canvas will be printed and crafted in the USA.
Crown & Paw Pet Portrait - Australian Shepherd, Seager

The photo above is of the canvas created from the image we sent them.

It is simply amazing to me how they can do that!!

And, needless to say, we are tickled pink with the results!

I even think Seager approves of his new custom canvas pet portrait!

Crown & Paw Pet Portraits Make the Perfect Unique Gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a pet-loving family member or friend?

A fun custom pet portrait from Crown & Paw would make a wonderful and unique gift for a loving fur Dad!

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Anita C

Thursday 16th of September 2021

What fun pics! This would be a great gift


Tuesday 10th of November 2020

These portraits are so cute - trying to figure out if I have some free wall space for some

Katie Bellamy

Wednesday 12th of August 2020

I LOVE this! Would make a great gift!

Marisela Zuniga

Thursday 18th of June 2020

This looks like such a cute idea!

Rachel D

Tuesday 12th of May 2020

I ordered a Crown and Paw Print of my dog Benny this past winter. It is the cutest thing!

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