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Doggy Dangers: How to Keep Your Dog Safe From Outside Hazards

Finally, the weather is heating up and it’s time to take your dog out to play. We wanted to talk about a few tips to keep your dog safe while enjoying the outdoors.

The problem with letting them roam free, even in your backyard, is that they’re vulnerable to hazards they may not even be aware of.

As their owner, it’s your job to make sure they can play safely.

Here are some common outdoor hazards and solutions that can make your life as a dog owner easier.

Doggy Dangers: How to Keep Your Dog Safe From Outside Hazards

Cocoa Mulch

Many homeowners use cocoa mulch to improve the health of their gardens.

However, some brands don’t smell as nice, which is why gardeners purchase cocoa mulch.

As a dog owner, you may want to avoid using cocoa mulch because your dog can eat the cocoa casings and develop chocolate poisoning.

You can also find different scented mulch at your local gardening store.

Black and white border collie sitting in a wheelbarrow beside pretty yellow flowers and a watering can

Gardening Tools

Whether you do your own landscaping or hire a professional, be sure all gardening equipment is put in a safe place before allowing your furry friend out to play.

They can cut themselves without even realizing there’s a sharp surface around them.

Sharp objects can also harm you if you’re not careful.

If it helps, section off a safety zone for your dog to play in.

This reduces their chances of getting hurt in the future.

White poodle walking beside pretty flowers


The great thing about pesticides is that they keep bugs and other pests away from your garden.

The downside to pesticides is they have ingredients that are seriously toxic to dogs.

If you’re worried about your plants and your dog, find a pet-safe company.

Some companies like the Mosquito Masters have access to pest control supplies that are safe for humans and pets without compromising quality.

Be sure to contact an expert that will help keep insects as well as harmful toxins away from your dog.

Cute dachshund dog, black and tan, pushed and climbed into the garbage can at home.

Garbage Cans

Unfortunately, some dogs love the smell of garbage and will take a dumpster dive if left unattended.

Garbage can have bacteria and parasites that are dangerous for dogs to ingest.

There are also sharp edges on cans or broken bottles that can cut your dog while they’re in the trash bin.

If you plan on letting your dog outdoors to play unsupervised, make sure they don’t have access to outdoor trash bins.

Small brown dog carrying a big stick

Your dog is a part of your family.

In order to keep them safe, you have to take proper safety precautions, especially if you don’t go out with them.

Communicate your outdoor hazard concerns with professional landscapers.

Dorothy Boucher

Thursday 11th of November 2021

Great information here, I don't have much of a yard but I do make sure its safe for the dogs. @tisonlyme143

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