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Dogs in Hot Cars: A Story to Make you Think

Now let’s state right off the bat that this ain’t me or anyone in my pack I am talkin’ ‘bout, cause My Lady would never do such a thing! I’m gonna talk about some folks though, so here goes! That big old sun is getting stuff hotter and hotter and here is a little story ’bout dogs in hot cars for ya. Think about it!


Here’s a story of what a poor pup is a thinkin’ sittin’ in a hot car…

“Oh good, Mommy and me is goin’ for a ride! Where we goin’ Mommy? Huh? Huh? Mommy? Where you goin’? Can I get out of the car too? Mommy, don’t make that cool air quit, it feels so good!

I been sittin’ here awhile now. I like car rides, but this stoppin’ ain’t fun. I feel like I do when I get close to that cookin’ thing in Mommy’s kitchen. Hey! Hey, people look I am in here. Can you get my Mommy? It’s really hot and I just want the cool air thingy to blow in my face.

Mommy, I am pantin’ so hard to cool off I can’t catch my breath. Where are you? Why couldn’t I go too? I don’t like this hot and I am gettin’ scared. I keep jumpin’ on the windows and lookin’ for you to come help me. People see me…why are they just pointin’ and shakin’ their heads like that Mommy? Did I do something wrong?

I tried to bark and tell people to help me, but I guess all this hot makes my throat to dry. I sure do want a drink of cold water. Did you go to get me some? Please hurry Mommy, I’m awful thirsty! I am tryin’ to look at the window and see if you are comin’ to help me, Mommy, but I am gettin’ so tired in all this hot. I guess I am fallin’ asleep Mommy…”

Puts a lump right in your throat, don’t it? Well people, that ain’t no fairy tale and I ain’t no fiction writer! This is a true fact of what happens to dogs when folks leave dogs in hot cars. My Lady has already been readin’ reports of this happenin’ all over. I woulda thought you humanz was smarter than that!

And to you folks just walkin’ by and shakin’ yer heads…DO SOMETHIN’! Call the cops or animal control…please don’t just shake your head and walk off. If the dog’s Mommy ain’t smart enough to help her own critter…then somebody else has gotta be!

REMEMBER! This ain’t me, or one of my pack! I am a postin’ in order to try and help my furfriends out there!


Sunday 9th of September 2018

All pets, kids, not just dogs shouldn't be in hot cars

Laurie Nykaza

Thursday 6th of August 2015

Its so awful to see a dog sitting in a car while his owner is in Starbucks having his coffee . We called the police and they sent a person out to take care of the situation when we saw it happen . People just dont think and when you hear it happen to police dogs it really gets me how can this keep happening when we see it on the news too. Lets hope when we read about it and the news keeps reminding people not to leave kids and pets in vehicles no matter what the weather is out doors that people stop doing it.

denise low

Sunday 26th of October 2014

Thank you for your story.

Ocie Johnson

Friday 12th of September 2014

I love your take on this and to do it in "doggy words". I find it so hard to believe we still have to warn and remind people not to leave their pets in hot cars. If we wouldn't do it, why would we make our pets do it. Hot pavement too, would you walk on it? No! So they shouldn't either! Thank you!

denise low

Friday 29th of August 2014

Thank you for all your information.

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