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A Drive in the Countryside | Doggy Seatbelts

You think you have headaches when drivin’ or ridin’? Just try sharin’ a back seat with a dog that isn’t trained right for car travel. Me? I just sit back and watch the sights roll by, choosin’ interestin’ trees, bushes, and shrubs in case we stop there sometime. Because, ya know, it’s best to be prepared. My Lady says all dogs should have a doggy seatbelt, but some dogs REALLY need one!

The other day my Lady took me and her friend Melissa out for a drive in the countryside. Now what could be more pleasant than that? What should a been a good afternoon, turned ugly real fast! Ya see, Melissa has an Irish Spaniel named Xanaflab.

doggy-seatbelt, dog-car-ride

A case for Doggy Seatbelts!

Xanaflab has no ridin’ manners at all! He shows all the self-discipline of a child returned home with a bag of Halloween candy. First there is the barkin’. Non-stop I tell ya! ‘Woof! Woof! Growl Growl! WOOF! ‘ To interpret, that all stood for: “Did you see that? Did you see THAT? I want to pee on it!!!! Did you SEE that!?!” Ummm…ya, I saw that. I’m not blind!

Then, he wants to drive. He hangs over the driver’s seat, stickin’ his fool ginger head on my Lady’s shoulder. I watch as a slowly spreadin’ pool of drool spreads like an ink blot across her jacket.

When Xanaflab finally sat down on our seat after several pushes by Melissa with a stiff forearm that I’m sure will do her well when applied to her tennis backhand, things took a turn for the worse. Xanaflab barfed!  All over the back seat. A quagmire of, well barf, all over the back seat and floor. Much as I like funky smells, this was not one of em!

Of course, my Lady then pressed the button to open the back seat window wide. We rolled on down the highway, leaving a jet plume of invisible stench behind us until we could stop. Xanaflab’s reaction? Do you have to ask?  He stuck his head out the window, right where I wanted to. I was stuck with the stench while he took in all the fun!

So human folk, if your dog has no ridin’ manners, please get em a doggy seatbelt and save us all the trouble of a wet shoulder, barfed back seat, and a hogged window! Actually, my Lady says all dogs should have a doggy seatbelt to keep us safe.

Meanwhile, I don’t want to ride with Xanaflab anymore! WOOF!

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