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Essential Investments For Prospective Pet Parents

Adopting a pet is an incredible thing to do. When decided, prospective pet parents will need some essentials to welcome their new friend.

If you’re counting down the days to bringing your new friend home, you can look forward to enjoying plenty of fun in the months and years to come.

With adoption day looming, it’s always a good idea to get ready in advance.

To make life easier and to ensure you’re prepared for pet parenting, here is a list of essential investments for prospective pet parents.

Essential Investments For Prospective Pet Parents

Pet insurance

Whether you’re adopting a kitten, a puppy, or a senior dog, it’s wise to investigate insurance policies before you bring your new companion home.

Insurance is designed to cover part or all of the cost of medical treatment, and it can really help if you find yourself in a situation where your precious pup or your feline friend needs treatment unexpectedly.

It’s no secret that vet bills can be expensive, so it’s worth investing in a policy for your pet.

When searching for insurance, use the Internet to compare prices and plans.

Generally speaking, the more comprehensive the policy, the higher the premium.

The type of animal, the breed, your pet’s age and their health status will also affect the cost.

You can use comparison sites and filters to find results that are tailored to your pet, and most providers enable you to set up a monthly direct debit. 


You will probably find yourself reaching for a tin or a box of food shortly after your new best friend arrives.

As an animal owner, you assume responsibility for keeping your pet fed and watered, and this may involve putting food out and filling up a water bowl several times a day.

Buy food that is tailored to the needs of your pet, for example, wet food for adult cats or puppy food, and ask for advice if your pet has underlying health conditions.

You can often buy specially formulated foods that help with problems like urinary issues or obesity.

Your vet will be able to offer recommendations, and you can also seek advice from the shelter or sanctuary you are adopting from.

Take care to read the feeding instructions and avoid overindulging your pet.

It can be tough to resist puppy dog eyes, but it’s important to stick to suitable portion sizes and avoid human foods as treats to keep your pet healthy. 


If you’re about to welcome a new addition to your family, it’s helpful to ensure they have a place to sleep from the outset.

You’ll probably find that cats are willing to curl up anywhere that is warm and comfortable, but some do have a preference for their own space.

Dogs can be territorial when it comes to their lodgings, and most like to have their own bed, although some are more than willing to share with fellow furry friends.

If you already have a dog, and you’re bringing another canine companion into the fold, it’s wise to buy another bed just in case.

If your dog has mobility problems, or they suffer from issues that affect their back, for example, look out for products that provide enhanced comfort and support. 

Essential Investments For Prospective Pet Parents

Gifts for owners

For prospective pet parents it is fun to pamper our pets, but when you’re shopping, don’t forget to treat yourself too.

If you’re an animal lover, what better way to celebrate the arrival of a new pet than buying personalized cushions for your sofa, a bespoke mug, or a calendar devoted to your favorite breeds?

You can find more inspiration online if you look for ideas for gifts for dog lovers.

You can also decorate your home with accessories adorned with your pet’s beautiful face.

If you have a photograph of your new buddy, you can turn it into a coaster, a cushion, or a framed print for the wall.  


Animals love to play. Kittens and puppies have endless supplies of energy, while adult cats and dogs enjoy tearing around the house or garden with wild abandon.

Buying toys is a fantastic way to encourage play, form bonds with your new pet, and keep your pet healthy and happy.

By giving them toys at home, it can help prevent pets from getting bored and turning their attention to your slippers, trainers, or sofa cushions.

Look for toys that have good reviews and choose items that will appeal to your new addition.

You can buy toys aimed at kittens and puppies and products that are perfect for larger, stronger animals. 

Essential supplies for feeding and toileting

If you’re bringing a new pet home, you’ll need to buy a few accessories to ensure they can eat and go to the toilet with minimal mess and effort involved.

For cat owners, the shopping list will include cat litter, litter trays, a scoop and food and water bowls.

For dog owners, it’s a good idea to buy a large water bowl, food bowls and a crate if you plan to use it as a place to sleep at night or you want to take your dog in the car with you.

If you have a puppy, you might also want to invest in a supply of puppy training pads to save your carpets.

You’ll also need a carry case for transporting cats to the vet or taking them in the car, and you’ll need a collar and a lead for a pet pooch.

Before you spend any money, it is worth taking a trip to pet stores and looking online to see what is available, to compare prices, and to see which items other animal owners recommend.

If you’re hoping to keep part of your home fur-free, for example, you want to keep dogs downstairs, it’s also a good idea to buy a stair gate. 

Essential Investments For Prospective Pet Parents

Becoming a pet parent is incredibly exciting.

If you’re welcoming a new pet to your home, it’s beneficial to make sure you’re ready.

Hopefully, this shopping list will come in handy for all prospective pet parents.

Stock up on food, make sure your furry friend has a place to sleep, invest in feeding and toileting essentials, and don’t forget to treat yourself too!

Sarah L

Saturday 25th of April 2020

Good list of things to have. I think a crate for a dog is a good investment.

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