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How to Help a New Pet Adjust to Your Home

The excitement of a new pet often comes with confusion and frustration as your new pet adjusts to your home. Often they will run and hide or get into a fight with animals already in the home. This natural process can take some time but bringing a new into your home is always worth the work. Here are a few tips for helping a new pet adjust to your home.

How to Help a New Pet Adjust to Your Home

Give them their own space.

Give your new pet their own space to help them adjust. 

Placing your new pet in your home in a kennel or crate allows other animals in the home to adjust to their presence and them to adjust to the new smells and sounds of your home without being bothered.

This will leave your new pet feeling secure in the future by giving them a safe space they can come back to.

If your new pet is not used to a crate take time to slowly adjust them to it so they can feel secure and happy when you are out of the home.

Give lots of attention!

Give your new pet plenty of attention. Your new pet will need to get to know you and feel secure with you.

Spend plenty of time giving your new pet attention when you bring them home.

If you already have pets in the house be sure to give them plenty of your attention as well to help them adjust to your newest resident.

Give plenty of treats and toys.

Get plenty of treats and toys to help keep your new pet entertained

This will help them adjust to your new home with less stress and protect the furnishings in your home from a bored stressed new pet.

Use these treats and toys to gain your new pet’s trust. Enrichment toys are great for mental stimulation and their wellbeing!

Help other animals already in the home adjust.

Help other animals that already live in your home adjust as well.

Introducing a new pet is just as big of a change for them to have a new animal enter their territory.

Go easy on your pet when they don’t like your new pet.

Eventually, they will get used to each other but it will take time.


Helen Sherpa

Tuesday 12th of November 2019

Thanks for the advice :)

Angela Saver

Sunday 20th of January 2019

Great tips! I know this is an especially stressful time for our pets.

Debra Hall

Saturday 19th of January 2019

it can be so hard for them to adjust to a new home

Janet W.

Friday 18th of January 2019

These are great tips! Lots of attention will help to make them feel more comfortable!

Cute Pet Dogs

Thursday 17th of January 2019

Your dogs are adorable! When I get a new dog I like to shower them with love and give lots of attention! Also remember to give them their own space.

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