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February PetBox Review: Loads of Pawsome Dog Toys, Treats & More!

We sure do love gettin’ our monthly PetBox full of surprises. We love new dog toys and ya know we’re all about taste testin’ some dog treats WOOF! We had lots of goin’ ons around our February PetBox. My Lady barely had it opened and was gettin’ that picture takin’ thing of hers when them big lugs Ozzy and Brandi started snatchin’ them furry toys right out of the box!

My Lady was a havin’ a fit, but in the end she let em go play for just a minute. I guess she knew right off them furry fluffy toys wouldn’t survive us big dogs though. She told me we would be givin’ em to Charlie. He is our new baby nephew that my human sister got.

February PetBox Review: Loads of Pawsome Dog Toys, Treats & More!

Minus 2 toys the pups stole from the box! Let them play, I’ll show you in a bit!

It didn’t make no nevermind to me. She had already said somethin’ ’bout a beef dinner in that box. Beef? Where’s the beef? WOOF! My mouth had already gone to waterin’ and I was a slobberin’ just thinkin’ ’bout it! I was gonna sit right here and put my paw claim on that dinner!

Here’s my Lady to tell ya ’bout our February PetBox of goodies!

As usual, PetBox did not disappoint! There was something for everyone! From dog treats to dog toys and even Molly’s beef dinner she was drooling for. We love the quality of all the products and the all natural dog snacks that come in our boxes. We also love that it helps other rescue pets for every PetBox bought! Let’s check out all this months goodies!

Old Mother Hubbard Bits of Love P-Nuttier

The pups loved these Old Mother Hubbard Bits of Love P-Nuttier dog treats. February is the month of love and these perfect heart shape dog snacks with a taste of  peanut butter and molasses were just the treat!

Old Mother Hubbard Bits of Love P-Nuttier - Maggie

Maggie isn’t sure who Old Mother Hubbard is, but she loves her wholesome all natural pet snacks!!

Evangers Super Premium Beef Dinner 1

Evangers Super Premium Beef Dinner is a complete, balanced, and highly nutritious entree. Not only is it grain-free and gluten-free, it now has superfood ingredients such as spinach, kale, and chelated minerals! Wow! Dog food just got super healthy! It’s also easy digestability for optimal canine health.

Evangers Super Premium Beef Dinner - Molly

Molly laid claim to the Evanger’s Beef Dinner! She said she shares a lot of things, but the beef dinner was going to be hers! She would tell you how woofalicious it is, except she won’t quit chowing down long enough to look up!

Dragonfly with Crinkly Wings from Zippy Paws

One of the toys that got away. The pups snatched this Dragonfly with Crinkly Wings from Zippy Paws right out of the box and took off with it. I had to rescue the toy because we have a new nephew pup in the family and this cute toy would be perfect for him!

Dragonfly with Crinkly Wings from Zippy Paws - Charlie

Meet Charlie! He is our new nephew and is a character! He loves his new Dragonfly and especially the squeaky sound! Sorry about the blur! I am going to have up my game on picture-taking with this speedy little guy!

Topsy Turvies Hippo/Snail Dog toy from Fetch Pet Products

Topsy Turvies Hippo/Snail Dog toy from Fetch Pet Products is the other toy the pups tried to get away with. Sorry for my guys, but this one was going to little Charlie too. The Topsy Turvies Hippo/ Snail is a cute stuffed toy with a squeaky inside. Flip it one way and it is a hippo or flip it over and it is a snail.

Topsy Turvies Hippo/Snail Dog toy from Fetch Pet Products - Charlie

I’m not sure if Charlie cares if it is a hippo or a snail. He is teething and he loves chewing on the soft material. It’s a perfect all-around toy for him. I’m afraid with my big lugs, either of these toys would not have lasted long. Mine tear them open and eat them 🙁 However, for Charlie they are perfect and he is having a ball with them!

Pet Greens Treats - Savory Beef Recipe 1

Pet Greens Treats Savory Beef Recipe is all-natural and grain-free. Pet Greens Jerky Treats are made with 90% real meat and organic wheat grass. They contain NO artificial colors or flavors and NO wheat gluten, so you can just give in to those big puppy-dog eyes without guilt. Wheatgrass provides green nutrients to help curb chewing on chemically treated grass . . . or worse! And of course, they are made in the USA!

Pet Greens Treats - Savory Beef Recipe - Maggie

They all LOVED the Pet Greens Treats! I believe these were Maggie’s favorites this month. With real meat and a little grass nibble thrown in, it wasn’t a surprise that they all begged for these healthy dog treats!

Petstages Dental Twist Chew Toy - 1

Oh yes! Lots of woofs on this Petstages Dental Twist Chew Toy! This isn’t a fluff ball toy! This chew toy is made for big dogs like mine! It combines rope with rubber in a fun dental toy! It has an innovative, twisted shape made with rubber and rope. It helps remove soft tartar and massage gums while your dog chews.

Petstages Dental Twist Chew Toy - Ozzy and Brandi

The Petstages Dental Twist Chew Toy is also their new favorite toy for tug and fetch! Sallie wants to play too, but the pups are saying it’s ‘not your turn’. I believe Sallie got voted down. I can see now that I am going to have to get a couple more of these fun toys!

Petstages Dental Twist Chew Toy - Ozzy and Brandi

Ozzy and Brandi ran and romped, tugged, and chewed for most of the afternoon with their new Petstages Dental Twist Chew Toy! I have to give my stamp of approval on this dog chew toy! It has lasted through afternoons of rugged play and tough chewing sessions from our largest hardest-playing dogs. A thumb and paws up here!

As you can see, the PetBox monthly subscription boxes are loaded with pawsome dog treats and fun things! Be sure and check out our other PetBox Reviews for fun pictures and info on new items that come in the PetBox every month! Want to get your pet a fun box each month? I’m sure they would love it as much as the pack does! Check out how below!

Petbox Subscription Box

How does PetBox Subscription Service work?

1) Tell them about your pet: Answer a few questions about your dog or cat and they will create a personalized list of products.

2) Pick your plan: Members get $50 of value in each PetBox for as low as $29/month (if you choose the annual plan). And shipping is always free within the United States.

3) Pack your PetBox: Each month, choose the items you want in your PetBox, or ask us for a surprise selection of our favorites.

Purchase your pet a subscription!

If you think your pet would love a PetBox, go HERE to get started. But wait! We have a special discount code for Miss Molly Says readers! You can save 10% by using discount code MISSMOLLY. This lets them know Miss Molly sent you over! You can also subscribe to several months of PetBox and each month they will automatically arrive.

Amanda Arndt

Saturday 1st of August 2015

It looks like a nice box


Friday 3rd of April 2015

This looks like a great value! The items look wonderful! My cats would love a box. Food and treats would please both of them. Thanks for the honest recommendation. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.


Thursday 2nd of April 2015

That dog food is healthier than the food I eat.

Shakeia Rieux

Thursday 2nd of April 2015

I like what has to offer for pets,and I love the fact that it helps other rescue pets for every PetBox bought which I think is great

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