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Feeling Guilty For Traveling Without Your Pet? 6 Steps To Overcome It

The best time of the year is finally here. You’ve made hotel reservations, booked your transportation tickets, packed your bags and you’re almost ready to hit the road and enjoy your deserved vacation. There’s just one challenge in front of you: You feel bad because you’ll need to leave your pet behind. In order to overcome this unpleasant decision, make sure to choose the right solution for your best friend. The text below should come in handy while exploring your possibilities.

Feeling Guilty For Traveling Without Your Pet, 6 Steps To Overcome It

Feeling Guilty For Traveling Without Your Pet? 6 Steps To Overcome It

Plan your trip in advance

Start preparing your vacation trip on time. Make sure to choose the right destination and book your tickets in a timely manner. Once you’re done with that, you may start thinking about calling a few friends or members of the family just to see if they’re capable of taking care of your pet. If not, you’ll need to engage in the quest for a good and available pet sitter. Keep in mind that most of them can be out of capacities in midst of the vacation season. Basically, you’ll need to explore your options at least few months before the trip.

Get your papers straight

Make sure to provide the caretaker with all needed documentation about your pet. You should include vaccination records, and if one of them is scheduled while you’re absent, try to instruct the sitter to take care of that as well. If your pet’s vaccination expires soon, go ahead and do the next one at least a week before boarding. They’ll need that time in order to get immunity and for the vaccine to take the effect. Try to think about every need your pet might have while you’re gone, so you can inform those in charge.

Work on preparing your pet for boarding

Before you leave your pet with someone else, make sure to do a play date so they could get familiar with a different space and to get comfortable with other people. The experts from cat boarding Perth recommend doing this several times before you go, just to make sure your pet will feel relaxed under changed circumstances. Keep in mind that most kennels have free days policy for the same reason. Those days will be enough for your pet to meet their new caretaker and a new pack.

Make an emergency sheet

Wherever you choose to leave your pet, make sure to provide caretaker with detailed information. Share your contact information so they can reach you in a case of emergency. Furthermore, leave them with a name of your pet’s veterinary clinic, their phone number, and address. It could be helpful to write down the contact information of the nearest pet hospital as well, in case your vet is not available at that moment. Don’t forget to include detailed information on how the caretaker should act in different emergency situations. Make an agreement on what should they do on their own initiative, and in which situations is better to contact you before anything is done.

Keep your pet satisfied

In case your pet has to change the location and stay at your friend’s or in pet hotel, make sure to pack their favorite stuff and send it with them. They will feel much better if they have their bed there, and a couple of their favorite toys. Before you leave, try to spend more time with them and don’t hesitate to buy them treats more often than usual. Put out the carrying case a few days before you leave, so your pet can get used to it. Another thing you can do for your pet is to consult with their vet. Ask them if there are some other ways or natural supplements which can relax your pet during the transition. You don’t want to leave an aggressive or depressed animal at your friend’s house, so make sure you do your best to avoid this situation.

Feeling Guilty For Traveling Without Your Pet, 6 Steps To Overcome It

What to expect after the trip

Your vacation is now over and you’re heading back home. Be prepared that your pet can act strange on your arrival. In case you left behind a cat, you may expect her to be aloof, which is pretty common behavior for a cat. There are only two things that are really important: Your cat needs to eat and use the litter. Everything else is not an issue. On the other hand, dogs are a bit more sensitive. You may find him with diarrhea, which is absolutely normal when they’re anxious. That will probably stop in few days when they see you are here to stay. If not, make sure to take him to a vet as soon as possible.


As mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to make sure you’re leaving your pet in right hands. You just need to do some planning and organizing and everything should be ok. Once you’ve chosen their caretaker, bought them enough food and other supplies, you may set yourself free and enjoy your free time without feeling guilty. In case you get worried, you can always call to check in. Enjoy your vacation!

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