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Fun Training Games Large Breed Dogs Will Love

If you have a large breed dog, or are planning to add one to your family unit, you may be aware that they love to learn. Training in the traditional sense can become boring and redundant for both dogs and humans. Instead of struggling to get your large breed dog to participate in traditional training sessions, check out these fun training games large breed dogs will love. They will keep your dog’s mind sharp and happy!

Fun Training Games Large Breed Dogs Will Love

Fun Training Games Large Breed Dogs Will Love

Indoor Games

There will be many times throughout the year that you simply can’t spend time outdoors. If it’s pouring down rain or sleeting and spitting snow you probably won’t be too happy outdoors and neither will your dog. Here are some training games you can try indoors!

Scavenger Hunt: this is a great way to train your dog to pick up toys and put them in a specific place! Start with all the toys in the bin and proceed to place them around the house. Have your dog sit and stay while you do this; great practice for those who are impatient! When you are ready let your pet go, as they bring you toys place them in the bin. Give them rewards for bringing toys back. Once they have the hang of that you can add in the step of having them place the toys back in the bin on their own!

Muffin Tin Tennis Balls: This is a fun game for dogs and a perfect reward system! All you need is a muffin or cupcake pan, treats, and some tennis balls! Place some treats sporadically in the cupcake or muffin tin. Using tennis balls cover up all the holes. Allow your dog to try and find the treats! If they don’t pick up the correct ball they will get no treat, when they do they get a snack! This will keep them busy and active indoors and is a great alternative to just handing out treats!

Outdoor Games

Large breed dogs are a lot of fun and they often like to spend time outdoors even when it is cold or snowy. These are all training games that you can use outdoors with your large breed dog!

Mixed up Fetch: I love doing this with my large dogs, they pick up on new twists so quickly! Choose a box, basket, bucket, chair, anything really! Grab the tennis ball and head to the back yard. When your dog returns the ball instead of taking it or asking for them to drop it indicate to them where you’d like them to place the ball. Before you know it they will be running back and dropping it in the box without being prompted! This is a quick and easy game that keeps their mind sharp and their playful side engaged.

Snowball Hunt: In case you live in an area that gets a lot of snow this one is perfect! Take some treats outdoors with you and pack them into snowballs. Place them around the yard and let you furry friend hunt them down. They will have fun digging and romping in the snow and they will get some exercise as they work to find their snacks or toys! You can also do this by hiding their balls or toys in snow banks!

Each of the games listed provides you with ample opportunities for training. You can require as much, or as little, as you’d like from your dog in these scenarios. You can adjust the level of commitment based on how much your dog already knows. Sit, stay, and ready or go, can all easily be reinforced with these games. You will also likely see a difference in their attitude and behavior. They will be much more engaged and getting playful exercise which can help them stay focused and happy with training!



Friday 27th of May 2016

Love some of these ideas

Linda Tice

Sunday 10th of April 2016

Great article! love the muffin tin tennis ball game! I am going to try that first! I have two large dogs and they do get bored easily. I think they will like all of these!

Chelsi Smith

Tuesday 5th of April 2016

These are great ideas. thank you for shareing.

Sandy Weinstein

Monday 4th of April 2016

i have 3 small girls, abt 15 lbs. but we play some of these games as well. i would love to have a large dog as well. however, i hate that they dont live as long. i am very attached to my girls. my oldest is almost 15 and i cry everyday looking at her, wondering where the yrs went. i have had her since she was 6 wks old. when i leave the house, i throw treats around to keep them busy as well as hide some treats for them to find while i am gone. they also have lots, lots of toys to play with.

Laura J

Thursday 18th of February 2016

Oh these are all such fun ideas!!! I love the Snowball hunt and the Muffin Tin Tennis Balls!!! Oh I have to try these with our dogs! Fun!

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