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Furbliss Multi-Function Pet Brush for a Blissful Brush-Out and Massage

In our home, there is one thing us pups know very well and that is brushin’! As a matter of fact, my Lady takes time each afternoon to give us all a good brushin’. She says it helps cut down on the fur balls floatin’ around in the house. Us pups love it cause it feels good and we get special one-on-one time with my Lady. And, who doesn’t love some feel-good pamperin’, purtyin’ up, and a good massage WOOF? With my new Furbliss Multi-Function Pet Brush, I get my hair done AND a nice massage WOOF!

Furbliss Multi-Function Pet Brush for a Blissful Brush-Out and Massage

I don’t know much about “dog brushes”. All I know is the Furbliss feels right nice. I can close my eyes and just enjoy the massage. OOPS, I ’bout went into dreamland just thinkin’ on it WOOF! Lemme fetch my Lady to tell ya more!

Here’s what my Lady says about Furbliss Multi-Function Pet Brush

Miss Molly is right when she says we do a lot of brushing at our house. Not only is brushing good for your dog’s coat and skin, it helps keep control of shedding. As you can imagine, with 8 dogs in my home, anything that helps me calm the pet hair is a friend of mine! Recently, the pups have been enjoying Furbliss brushes from Vetnique Pet Products. Let’s take a closer look!

About Vetnique Pet Products

Vetnique Labs manufactures unique pet products that improve the health & well-being of pets while making the lives of pet owner’s easier.

Furbliss Multi-function Pet Brush is great for brushing, massaging, relaxing, deshedding, and can also be used for baths. In addition, the back side of the brush also works to remove fur and lint from clothing, furniture, and auto interiors.

Furbliss – The No Fuss Brush!

Unlike other pet brushes that are made with metal, steel, or wire that can sometimes scratch and hurt the skin of your pet, the Furbliss is made from 100% medical grade silicone. Your pet will enjoy a comforting massage while being brushed. Little do they know, it is stimulating their circulation which helps their coat stay shiny and by increasing circulation it helps their joints and muscles!

The Furbliss Multi-Functional pet brush is great for brushing, deshedding, massaging, and exfoliating. You will love how the silicone material of the Furbliss attracts the loose fur.  Another favorite way to use the Furbliss is for bathing! Pups love it! You can easily shampoo and scrub for a deep down clean. It helps to get their skin clean and remove the loose fur.

The Furbliss Multi-Functional Brush has many Health Benefits!

  • Stimulates the circulation of skin, joints, & muscles
  • Removes loose fur & provides safe deshedding
  • Exfoliates & removes dander, sebum, & crusts
  • Provides comforting & relaxing massage
  • The best brush for pets with inflamed skin due to allergies/atopy
  • Great to be used with shampoos for deeper cleaning during bath time

The Furbliss Brush has Two Sides

The front side has little teeth, or nubbies as I call them, that are used for brushing and cleaning and removal of dirt, sebum, and dander. They also provide a great acupressure massage that is calming to your pet.

The back side has deshedding teeth on both ends. It also has shampoo reservoir cells that are amazing for bathing! In addition, you can also use this side to remove fur and lint from furniture and clothing!

Finally, the Furbliss is easy to clean. Simply rinse under warm water. You can even place it in the dishwasher or washing machine for a deeper cleaning. The Furbliss can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit!

There is a Furbliss for all Pets!

Whether you have a large or small breed (or even a cat) and whether they have long or short fur, there is a Furbliss Multi-Functional brush that will be a perfect fit for them. The difference is the size of the teeth or nubbies.

For Long-Haired Dogs

Dogs come in a variety of sizes and coats. For long-haired dogs, the red and green are the correct size Furbliss brushes.

  • Red Furbliss is for large-breed dogs
  • Green Furbliss is for small-breed dogs

Maggie is my large-breed long-haired girl. She loves being brushed with the Furbliss! She also requires a LOT of brushing. If you have ever owned a German Shepherd then you know what I am talking about! Maggie enjoys the massage the Furbliss gives her! I especially love the Furbliss when bathing her! It helps me be able to get down past all that hair to clean her skin, without causing her discomfort.

For Short-Haired Dogs

For short-haired dogs, the blue and yellow are the correct size Furbliss brushes.

  • Yellow Furbliss is for large-breed dogs
  • Blue Furbliss is for small-breed dogs

Ozzy is my big happy goofball. You will never find him far from my side! Ozzy is a large-breed German Shepherd Lab mix. His hair is short like a Lab, but it is super thick. He truly enjoys his daily brushing and massage with the Furbliss! He will even stretch his neck, twist and turn as if to say – “get this spot Mom”!

Furbliss Multi-Functional Pet Brush Features in a Nutshell:

  • Two-sided patented design combines the features of multiple brushes & grooming tools into one!
  • Use wet or dry, perfect for baths!
  • Easy to clean, simply rinse under warm water or toss in dishwasher or washing machine
  • Removes fur & lint from clothing, furniture, & auto interiors!
  • Ergonomic design reduces effort & makes Furbliss easy to hold
  • Pets enjoy being brushed with Furbliss & do not struggle

I love how easy to hold the Furbliss Multi-Functional Pet Brush is. And, when bathing, the shampoo reservoir is fabulous! I also love that it is NOT slippery when wet! The pets love the gently massaging action. The Furbliss brushes come in a variety suitable for pets of all sizes and hair lengths, including cats! Visit Furbliss today to learn more and get your pet a Furbliss Brush today! Miss Molly wants you to know the Furbliss is the brush your pet dreams about!


Dorothy Boucher

Tuesday 19th of November 2019

I am loving these brushes, I like that the teeth on them are not to long or pointy! I'm always afraid of hurting the dog or cats. @tisonlyme143


Thursday 13th of September 2018

what a great brush, every dog would be happy with it

Cynthia R

Monday 20th of November 2017

I might get one for my long haired cat. She hates brushing and every spring we have to have her shaved because she has so many knots.

April Monty

Saturday 18th of November 2017

My dads dogs would love this ,they're always wanting attention


Saturday 18th of November 2017

Would be comfortable to use, and feel good for the doggie too.

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